Brad Cotter, “God’s Fingerprints”

Brad Cotter, “God’s Fingerprints”

This is exactly what I was expecting it to be: a song about how God plays a role in everything we see and everything we do.    The arrangement leaves quite a bit to be desired, sounding like something off of a Wow! compilation, circa 1992.    Cotter does the best he can to rise above it, but he deserved better backing on the track.

Grade: B-

Listen: God’s Fingerprints


  1. You nailed this review on the head, excet for the B-. This is a song from a young artist that has, as demonstrated, great vocals, and given better material, a promising career. I would bet that five or six years from now, he’ll regret this song every time its brought up. Nothing wrong with a good little touch of gospel in country, as Me and God is still a disc I keep in regular rotation, but the flute (or whatever makes that sad little resonance) has no place on this record. I can’t decide if it reminds me more of a Disney movie, or a WOW disc, but neither of those are favs of mine, and it really does put the nail in this otherwise unremarkable single. A single, I propose, that will die on the desk of PD’s all over radio, and never see a glimpse of the top 50.

  2. Apparently these reviews are written by “experts” on music and musical instruments. For their edification the instrument is probably a penny whistle. Cotter has a great voice and most fans will love his music. The spiritual flair to this song exemplifies his gospel roots and he stays true to these musical foundations. The voice is pure Cotter and is why we all voted for him. No one should ever review an instrumental piece of work if they cannot identify the instrument. Cotter’s voice is an A+ and the song is a B+. Can’t wait for the album. Radio will not only play this but it will score big in the hearts of his fans.

  3. I agree with Mario. These reviews seem to be based on artist preference and instrumental. The vocals and significance of the songs seem to always be pushed aside.

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