Keith Urban, “Everybody”

It goes without saying that Keith Urban is a distinguished vocalist, even though he tends to get a lot more attention for his master guitar work.    It’s his vocal talent that powers this inspirational ballad.   There’s a desperation and intensity to his performance that indicates he isn’t giving lip service to the idea that people struggle and feel helpless sometimes.   He’s preaching a message of hope and support, but the waver in his voice reveals that a part of him is still feeling alone and afraid.     Another great single from a deep and rewarding album.

Grade: A-

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your review. Seeing Keith perform this song live is unbelievable. This is his final song during his concerts and the emotion he puts into it is truly breathtaking. So many artists out there end their shows with “fluff” songs, but not Keith. You can tell that he has lived and breathed the message in this song.

  2. This is the kind of song that reminds people that KU is a very good artist. This may be the best single from the record. Oh and Kevin, you need to see him play live. He’s fantastic (I haven’t seen him in 3 or 4 years)

  3. My wife and I went to see him in Washington, DC last August 17, 2007. It was our first time to see him in concert. He was outstanding. His live performance of this song is better than the record.

  4. This is a beautiful song with so much raw emotion coming through in his voice. I do not think there is another performer out there who has the ability to relect so much with his voice. I have seen him in concert and a lot of other performs this year, (not going to mention names) and there is NO COMPARISON. Keith is a truly magnificent, heartfelt, humble, kind man and amazing talent who deserves the support of all his fans and COUNTRY RADIO. Please do not brush this single aside like you have his past three. There are so many songs on the radio that have no substance and are just plain silly, not this song it INSPIRES as does Keith.

  5. This is one of many really heartfelt songs on Keith’s new album. As good as his album is there is NO singer in any format who gives more to his fans in his live shows than Keith Urban. I saw my 15th show last week in Richmond and it did not disappoint! If you have not seen him live you are missing out!

  6. Keith Urban is the consummate performer. He is true. True in his songwriting, true in his instrumental musical ablilty, true in his amazing voice .
    He is also true in life. The man loves his wife, his family and he loves his fans. Not only does he appreciate the God given talent that he has been bleesed with, he also loves and appreciates his fans.
    Enjoying what he does is plain to see just by watching him whether he’s on stage or sitting down doing an interview. The graciousness and humility which with he speaks to people are obviously a combination of being raised right by his parents and coming to the realization that God has indeed been so good to him, that it is his duty to share his blessings with others. And what better way to do that than to put his life and your life and your neighbor’s life to music.
    Mr. Keith Lionel Urban’s music is Love In Motion. There’s a lot of love in that man. So much love, that when he performs, his cup overflows into his saucer because it’s too much to contain and that;s where our blessings come in. We reap the benefits.
    He has brought people together through his music on such a grand scale that he will probably never know the size of the impact he’s had on those who start off just having him in common but wind up sharing their lives with each other in a way that will honor Keith.
    May God Bless Him and his wife. (she’s one lucky woman)

  7. Great review of an amazing song sung by one of the most talented artist in any genre. Witnessing Keith’s amazing talents made me wish I had become interested in music when I was younger! He is AWESOME!

  8. What a message in this song. It is one of my favorites. To hear it live put a lump in my throat. Keith Urban’s music brought me to country music and I haven’t looked back since. The passion and love for what he does can clearly be heard in every song he sings.

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