Carrie Underwood among EW’s 2007 Entertainers

Apparently going for a “yearbook” theme this year, Entertainment Weekly has released its annual list of top entertainers, with Carrie Underwood acknowledged in the “Most Popular” category:

Faith Hill was only kidding, folks, when she feigned outrage at Carrie Underwood’s win at the 2006 CMA Awards, but viewers may’ve been truly shocked by the now-24-year-old’s meteoric rise. In 2007, Underwood further solidified her country bona fides with a confident, twangy No. 1 album, Carnival Ride, that vindicated all the promise and possibility American Idol aspires to offer.

The article includes a brief list of career highlights from the year.   It’s amazing to see how many awards the woman has won in just a few months!   The entire list features celebrities from the world of film, television and music, but is ultimately topped by author J.K. Rowling, and EW provides an absolutely fantastic profile of the Potter scribe and the impact of her work.


  1. Gisele,

    You may think so, but that isn’t a belief held by everyone. Heck, if you go back to my CMA Live Blog that night, I commented on her fake outrage bit in real time, before there was any controversy over it.

    I still think it’s a little silly for anybody to think that an established artist who had been nominated and lost so many awards on live television over the course of thirteen years would suddenly lose it over not winning a CMA award that she’d already won in the past.
    Given the fact that she was cracking up backstage when her own name was announced as a nominee, it seems pretty obvious to me that it was a joke.

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