Martina McBride, “For These Times”

Martina McBride deserves a tremendous amount of credit.  She’s one of the only mainstream country artists, male or female, who consistently seeks out material that deals with issues beyond love found and lost.    We used to have a lot of women on country radio who did this, but she’s one of the only ones left.   “For These Times” doesn’t break any new philosophical ground, but at least it’s taking a look at the world and trying to find some hope for it, even if it can’t make any sense of it.      Her vocal is also wonderfully restrained.

Grade: B+

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  1. thanks for the review–I’m a huge Martina fan and even though is is by no means of of my favorite songs of hers, you make a good point of her being one of the few to sing different kinds of songs. I also respect that she was the sole-producer on her last CD…it shows the credibility she’s earned with her record label to let her do it without a man’s help. Good for her!

  2. I think my first time hearing the entire song was when she performed it at the CMAs and she did a very fine job with it. I’d also give it a B+. Parts of it sound Christian music-like even. I think the next single should be “Everybody Does” – that’s such a catchy tune.

    Oh, yeah…I also made another recommendation (#17) not too long ago:

  3. Not a bad song, although not up there with her best . It is good to hear her using some of the vocal restraint she first exhibited on her “Timeless” CD.

  4. There’s a video for the song on Martina’s website, and on youtube. Bit of trouble about it – Martina’s fans seem to hate it though.

  5. I loved the “For These Times” video, it made me “think”- what would you wish for?

    vocal restraint? “let her do it with out a man’s help”?


    What kind of a web site is this????

  6. “For These Times” is a great song and in my opinion deserves much more radio play! It deserves better than 45 on the country charts!

  7. love this song… hope it would have gone better on billboard…. but still is a great martina!!!!:)

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