Review: Tim McGraw, “Suspicions”

Holy early eighties, Batman.   Tim McGraw revives a smooth ballad from the catalog of Urban Cowboy deity Eddie Rabbitt with satisfying results.  It’s not exactly difficult to imagine McGraw suspecting that every guy in the room wants to steal the woman on his arm, and his vocal performance oozes with insecurity.    The arrangement is true to the original, so it can’t help sounding a bit dated, but it’s charming in a very retro way.

Grade: B+

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  1. I like it pretty good! So much better than that Like a Bird I Sing….I couldn’t think of the right name. I really like the song Suspicion.

  2. For me “Suspicions” is the best song after Last Dollar on Let it Go , the lyrics are touching when he cry “Ain’t Nobidy Gonna Take Uou Away from Me” that’s makes me crying!
    Tim is the Best Country Male Vocalist in these last 10 years and noody gonna take that away from him GOD bless you Tim and bless the Country Music!!

  3. absolutly beatiful, both tim and faith i give you both all the credit in the world you both are excellent musicians!!!!and to respect each other the way you do in the music bussiness. the song suspicions is tim all the is one lucky gal just keep loving him.

  4. Heard this for the first time yesterday. I had to get online to see who the artist was. LOVE IT !!! Tim’s voice is perfect for the arrangement.

  5. This song is HOT HOT HOT as is the video. Tim is so sexy both vocally and visually. When I watch the video all I could say was WOW.

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