Jason Michael Carroll, “I Can Sleep When I’m Dead”

Is it just me, or is this very, very loud?  I had to turn the volume down to give it a fair listen.   I may already be too old (or too mild-mannered) to be the target audience for this, but I can respect it from a distance.  Heck, I actually like it.

Carroll continues to demonstrate versatility as  a vocalist, this time getting high mileage out of his lower register.   For all of the shout-outs that today’s new male artists give the Outlaw generation, Carroll’s the only one who sounds like he could actually keep up with them.

Written by Jason Michael Carroll, Jim Collins & Rivers Rutherford

Grade: B+

Listen:  I Can Sleep When I’m Dead

Buy:  I Can Sleep When I’m Dead


  1. I love Jason’s music and i was hoping this would be his next single. It shows off the rock/country type of voice he has that he hasn’t expressed to his fans yet. He shows off his range a lot too on an impressive level. I give it an A, but thats just me. I am part of the younger country croud so I do agree that my opinions on a song like this may differ greatly from the review. I think it’s a fun and impressive offer from him actually.

  2. Hey Kev,

    I have to say when I first heard his name I thought “another Billy Bob…”. Boy was I wrong. I find Jason Michael Carroll offers a fresh sound amongst the flat every song sounds the same of country music right now. I love this new single and I Still love “singing our love song”. His lyrics aren’t only strong, they uhhm..make sense. I’m looking forward to hearing much more from him.

  3. the song is not original in the least, but he makes it work. he has a strong voice and i think with the right song he has a lot of potential

  4. jason really did a good job with this song. This song helps me get through the day half of the time, in which case this song kicks ass.

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