Garth Brooks, “Midnight Sun”

Garth Brooks might have been wise to follow his own advice to his wife, Trisha Yearwood. He is credited for encouraging Trisha to step it up a notch for her latest studio effort, which is something that she took to heart and the end result is one of her best albums to date.

With his Ultimate Hits package, Garth gave himself four opportunities to give his fans, such as myself, something to tide them over until he decides to make a new full length studio album. Unfortunately, he did not choose as wisely as his wife did. Instead, aside from one song, the new offerings are very forgettable and lack the energy of the hits that catapulted him to his meteoric success in the first place.

“Midnight Sun” starts off slow and stays slow a few seconds too long. When the song finally picks up the pace, we get a honky tonker that is okay, but not something that will likely stick in our minds after the song is over. While his voice sounds much better than it did in “Workin’ For A Livin'” and it’s nice to hear some twang in Garth’s country, the fact is that “Midnight Sun” sounds similar to some of his filler songs from his previous albums rather than a contender for the top spot on radio or our iPod playlists.

Written by Garth Brooks, Jerrod Niemann, Richie Brown

Grade: C+

Listen:  Midnight Sun


  1. While I do agree that this is far from his strongest single, and it is a step up from “Workin’ For A Livin’,” this is Garth we’re talking about. GARTH! I’ve seen him live four time, twice in Kansas City and twice in Los Angeles. I was too young and not yet the huge fan I am today when he ended his last world tour. But this guy blows everyone else out of the water. So, I will agree with your “C+” grade in relation to other Garth songs…but, compared to the other crap available on so-called Country Radio, this song is at least a “B.”

  2. I’m not too big a fan of this song. It’s just doesn’t seem to make me want to listen to it again. I had the same problem with “Workin’ For A Livin'” and therefore I think this song will probably end up on the charts at about the same place.

  3. Perhaps I was wrong in thinking that I could like Garth Brooks after hearing the great “More Than A Memory.” This song makes me cringe.

  4. Well, I like it. Not as much as “More than a Memory” but I do like it better than some songs that currently in the top 20

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