Randy Travis, “Faith In You”

As a point of interest, “Faith In You” is being offered as a free download on randytravis.com as a show of appreciation to his dedicated fans over the years. For the record, I am one of those dedicated fans, despite what you will read in this particular review. I simply doubt that this will become his comeback song.

It seems that the self-tortured person in this song is wavering in the faith department. He doesn’t have faith in technology, politics and doesn’t know much about big religion. Even worse, he seems to be losing faith in himself. However, the one thing that doesn’t shake his faith is the love of his woman.

It’s a sweet sentiment, but it’s been done before. Unfortunately, this song isn’t strong enough to outshine songs of similar themes. Not even Randy Travis’ reliably strong vocal performance can save this song from its unoriginal lyrics, unmemorable melody and strange production.

Grade: C+

Listen:  Faith in You


  1. I for one do not agree with your review. I love Randy Travis so much. The thing that might strike people the most is I’m only 16 and I have almost every song he’s ever recorded. People may think because of my age I wouild Like Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood. But I don’t, I tend to ease toward the more traditonal artists like Randy or Josh Turner. “Faith In You” to me is a beautiful love ballad that captures Randy’s softer side and I think it will be a huge hit for him!

  2. Sarah, I hope you’re right. I’d love to hear Randy on the radio again. Obviously, it’s not my favorite song of his, but anything to get him on the radio is fine with me. I wanted to like this song.

  3. As much as I love randy Travis, I will agree perhaps it is not a “three wooden Crosses” but to start with, no one really thought that one would take of as it did either.

    there is not a more dedicated fan than I am either and admittedly, when i first heard Faith in You, i didn’t fall in love with the song itself immediately but I did like it. There is something about it that has truly grown on me and I do love the song now and i do think it is a beautiful love balad.

    Oh, BTW, don’t forget, he does have faith though in the will of the people and the cross on the steeple but more importantly, he does have faith in his woman. He only has to ask me about his significance and why he’s here, I could tell him. He’s sure made my live more enjjoyable through his music.

  4. i agree with linda, i didn’t really like it at first, but i think it is growing on me, when i heard him sing it on the opry last night i actually really really enjoyed it. i think that had more to do with it being live and a bit different than the record production

    i hope it hits big at radio, but agree that its not as strong as things he has put out before

  5. Speaking of the Opry, it was kind of cool the way Randy joined Carie following Carrie’s performance of “I Told You So.” Of course, being a die-hard RT fan, Randy’s is my preferred version. But having said that, admittedly, when Carrie was on Idol in 2005, I wanted her to win so managed to get 500 votes in for her the finale night.

    Now here’s the funny part of that story that i’ve not lived down sense. In a way you can credit me with some of what got Carrie the win on Idol, but a couple years later she was up against a Randy song on one of the Christian awards shows and won over him.

    OOOPS – did I blow it? Randy did win album that year so I guess I’m still safe, somewhat anyway (lol). I just thought i’d share that little story.

  6. i personaly love this songhe did a great job and i believe as long as he keeps believing in God i believe he will contunue to have success!
    God bless,
    shannon convey

  7. I believe this to be a great song and it will most likely be a great album. Anything Randy Travis sings happens to be great. He could sing YMCA and it would be a smash hit in my eyes. With his pure voice, he can’t go wrong. Randy picked these songs for a year and I think, as his fans, we need to support his judgement. Afterall, he is the one famous for making right music choices from the start. Right? David Cook, Casper Wy

  8. I don’t agree with the review. For one thing you make Randy Travis sound pathetic. The term big religionmay not have anything to do with faith necessaryly. We can be religious about anything. Also I’m not sure the faith he speacks of, is for a woman, but more of faith in God. We all are weak sometimes, but I Believe Randy knows who to lean on when he is.

  9. I can definitely see why you might think that he could be referring to God rather than a woman, but “…I can hear your laughter, it’s the sweetest sound I’ve ever Known” is what makes me think he’s talking about a person.

  10. I have to say that after hearing six songs from this album that I am not overly impressed. I love Randy to death and I am a fan who will never give up on him but he just doesn’t do country like he used to. His singing style has changed since he started doing Inspiration songs and now everything he does has that Inspirationl sound to it. Nothing against Inspirational or Gospel music but when I want to hear traditional country music that is what I expect to hear. Songs like He Walked On Water, Wind In The Wire, Storms Of Life, Look Heart No Hands, Deeper Than the Holler just to mention a few are the kinds of songs I like to hear Randy sing and also him singing in that style that seems so natural for him. My personal opinion is that this album is not going to be a big hit. I think those of us who love Randy and have been following him for years, us die hards are the ones that will make this album a success if we have the ability to do that. I know that I have set myself up for a lot of criticism here but this is my opinion and I know that Randy has the talent to make another hit album but this one isn’t going to be it. Also I think he should consider writing his own material on his next country album.

  11. I love this song so much, it’s just so simple and true. No matter where your life takes you, two people just got a believe in each. Love transcends all things and stretches across time. Randy says it so great, and i love country cuz tough men like Randy, Tim McGraw and Josh Turner can talk about love. I think this song will be a huge success. More guys need show that we feel, and love.

  12. Unfortunately for Randy, this song has already proven not to be a huge success. The label has moved on to “Dig Two Graves.” I don’t know if it has as much to do with the song as much as that it would take quite a song to get an artist who is considered past his prime to be played on the radio these days. Too bad.

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