Say What? – Taylor Swift

Asked how she feels about her newfound stardom, and the difficulties that come along with it, Taylor Swift told Billboard :

Balancing all this is not hard. I mean what do I have to complain about? I have the best time in the world. I’m so lucky. When I go out in public and I go to a mall, yeah it’s a lot different than it was two years ago, but it’s a beautiful kind of different. It’s the kind of different that I’ve wanted my entire life. I’m a strong believer that if you work your entire life for something, and you work so hard and you want this one thing so much, you should never complain once you get it.

Good for her. That used to be the country music norm, but it sounds refreshing when compared to the attitude a massively successful act like Rascal Flatts has because they don’t win awards, when they should be being thankful for all of the success they’ve had. It’s nice to see a young girl who’s on top right now has perspective on how lucky she is.


  1. i love it when artists are truly appreciative for what they have, so this made me smile. i think she has a great personality for fame and makes great star. her music is honest about who she is as a person and there is a beauty in that.

  2. Good quote you picked out there. It’s interesting; the relatively childish nature of some of her songs really belies the savvy and class she routinely displays in interviews and the like. But I think it’s largely thanks to those grown-up offstage qualities that she’s been able to conquer the onstage world. She’s got that mix of wide-eyed naivety and covert insight down pat. (Plus her songs are wildly catchy.)

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