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Discussion: Favorite Cover Songs?

March 21, 2008 Leeann Ward 39

After recently being both amused and impressed by Carrie Underwood’s performance of Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child Of Mine”, I started to think of the place of cover songs in country music. There are many

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100 Greatest Women, #95: Sylvia

March 20, 2008 Kevin John Coyne 11

100 Greatest Women #95 Sylvia Some artists produce music that changes the sound of their time. Others adapt to the current time, shaping their sound to match what’s currently popular. Sylvia is one of the

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Discussion: Favorite Drinking Songs?

March 17, 2008 Kevin John Coyne 27

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! As someone who is half-Irish, it’s something of a national holiday for me.  Unfortunately, I’m full-“working adult”, so the closest I’ll come to the sauce today is by listening to my

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