Say What? – Carrie Underwood talks Gender

It seems pretty unbelievable that I missed this the first time around, given how this site has been so focused on women in country music these past four months.   But  Carrie Underwood had some interesting things to say about women in the country music world after the ACM awards last month.

First, she discussed the scarcity of female nominees for Entertainer of the Year.   The CMA hasn’t nominated a female act since 2001 (Dixie Chicks) and the ACM since 2003 (also the Dixie Chicks.)  In fact, the only other women to be nominated at either show in the 90’s and 00’s are Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Reba McEntire and Kathy Mattea.   Here’s what Underwood had to say about that:

“I think there have been several women over the past decade that should have been nominated at some point. It’s disappointing that they haven’t been, because I know — and I’m speaking for all of us — how hard women have to work. Not to take anything away from the guys, but we have to do a lot more than they have to do. … It’s unfortunate that a lot more women haven’t gotten a lot more credit.”

The upside, according to Underwood?   Greater camaraderie among female artists, as she demonstrates with her gracious hat tip to Miranda Lambert:

Miranda is a wonderful artist.  It goes back to the women thing. It seems like there’s only a certain number of [award] slots, and it’s like everybody is vying for two or three slots. It’s kind of weird. None of us are competitive with each other anyway. We get together and we hang out. Miranda is one of those people who deserves a lot more credit than she’s gotten. Her album is great.

It will be interesting to see if the CMA’s nominate Carrie Underwood this year for Entertainer of the Year.  It’s getting increasingly difficult for anyone to argue with a straight face that she’s not one of the top five acts in the genre, by any measurable standard: record sales, airplay, concert gross, critical acclaim.    Heck, if the CMA really wants to shake things up, a nomination for Sugarland would be pretty cool as well.    But if Underwood isn’t in the lineup, the CMA will pretty much prove her right: women just have to work a hell of a lot harder to get the credit they deserve.


  1. When I read this from Carrie, her stock went way up in my book. While, I do think she’s one of the top 5 acts in Country, I also think she’s really new, which may hurt her chances of being nominated. I would have to see the rest of the nominee list to decide just how much she is snubbed, but if Brooks and Dunn make the list yet again, the snub is obvious. I enjoy that Duo, but they are not at the top of their game or in the top of country music currently.

    There have been several female artists who should have made the cut in the past decade, with Martina McBride topping that list, in my opinion.

    Good for Carrie for using her voice as a radio headliner to champion all women!!

  2. I would agree that a nomination for Carrie should be forthcoming at the Cma’s…you pretty much can’t deny the reach she has had for the past several years (Forbes hot 100 agrees with me, not monetarily, but web presence and TV/radio presence…she ranks pretty high)

    from these quotes and quotes from interviews in the past, Carrie along with Reba seem to be very adamant that females aren’t getting their dues (i.e. the faith snub from the soul to soul tour when Tim was nominated for EOTY)

    sadly it does seem that females have a rather uphill battle when it comes to competing on an even level with the dudes…the cause of which would take several pages of discussion

    glad she is speaking out though…someone needs too, and who better than the woman at the forefront of country music for the last year

  3. What’s the criteria for Entertainer of the Year? Maybe I’m naive, but I always assumed it was an award for putting on amazing live shows. That’s why people like Kenny, Keith, Garth, Shania and the Dixie Chicks have won in recent years. I didn’t think airplay, record sales and magazine covers played into it. Other awards cover those categories (e.g., Billboard, AMAs). Am I mistaken?

    In Carrie’s case, I went to a Keith Urban/Carrie Underwood concert recently, and if the award is about putting on an amazing all-around show, then Keith should win hands down every time, even if Carrie has the better voice and sells more CDs. In fact, in terms of concerts, Keith puts on a much better show than Kenny Chesney (saw him a couple of weeks ago) and he should have won the ACMs IMO. Miranda Lambert on the other hand…I can see her winning it one day…if she gets big enough. She’s fantastic live. I’m all for women getting nominated and winning, but they need to deserve it. Merely having a great voice isn’t enough. You have to be an entertainer. I can see Sugarland winning one day too. I’m not a fan of them or their music, but they understand how to perform and entertain and it comes across every time I see them live. There is a difference, I think, between singers and entertainers. Only a select few – the great ones – are both.

  4. AMEN, Lynn!!! YOU SAID IT!! I totally agree Keith Urban should win EOTY!! Carrie has a lot of practicing before she is nominated for Entertainer. I remember reading something Miranda Lambert said after she went on tour with Keith Urban. She said after seeing him perform, she went back to her band and said, we got to kick up our show several notches, this man is awesome! I think her touring with Keith helped in her hot performances. She would definitely, to me, be more of an entertainer than Carrie! I just don’t get into all that wardrobe changing! It’s about the music for me, not about what outfit goes with what song!

  5. She might not be the best live act, but when you consider the other factors, such as record sales, radio hits, etc, she should defenitely be nominated, even if her live shows aren’t up to par with some others. I’m glad she’s speaking up for women, there really is no denying more have deserved to be nominated, and if she isn’t nominated it will just prove her point more

  6. ^Okay but that was just what everyone else was just saying. Entertainer of The Year is not about record sales and radio hits, or how many albums they have sold, well at least it shouldn’t be. Entertainer of The Year is putting on great live shows. I have yet to see Carrie put on a great one. That’s what it used to be, take Garth Brooks, Shania Twain(sure she had lots of wardrobe changes, but she won because she could put on a show.), Reba, and Keith, along with a few more.

    I do agree that women aren’t getting their dues, they did have lots more succes in the late 90’s, because that’s when girl power was getting attention, but after the early 00’s country radio just didn’t think women should get that much attention. Something I completely disagree with.

    Don’t get me wrong, Carrie is agreat singer, but I highly disagree that she should be Entertainer Of The Year, she still has a while to go to get that. Miranda seems like a better nominee this year.

    The reason there have been less women not being nominated for EOTY, is because as I said above, that women are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to getting more airplay. And since radio isn’t giving them as much attention they don’t have the oppurtonity to become big artists and take these tours to show what they got.

    One things for sure, a change needs to come….

  7. Definitely agree with what Carrie represented. Her only fault for not being nominated up to this point is that she is new. But look at what she has accomplished this past year alone., i.e. second Grammy Award performance, Grammy Awards, two-time CMA and ACM Top Female, Fashion Rocks, Movies Rock, two Idol appearance, second SNL performance (record setting I might add…second best viewer ratings since her last appearance with Payton Manning the previous year, New Years Eve performance, Rockefeller Tree Lighting permformance, Star Spangled Banner at World Series, Opry induction, smashing chart, digital download records, headlining concert sellouts (last count 36 out of 40 shows sold out)…the list goes on and on. What other country performer comes close…I would say Taylor Swift and she’s a female too and in everybody’s view too new as well. What a shame. What is nice about these “new country” artists, they compliment each other, hang out. I believe that country music is in good hands, but please give the females the recognition that they deserve. In my view Carrie should receive a nomination and WIN for Entertainer of the Year.

  8. I don’t think it’s just about your entertaining skills. George Strait pretty much just stands there and sings and the fans love it. We have decades of EOTY winners who didn’t put on huge stadium shows that looked like a rock concert. Carrie deserves to be nominated this year. If it’s just about who is the best live (which is very subjective and a matter of taste) perhaps they should downgrade the award and not show it at the end of the telecasts and rename it “best live act.”. I always thought it was a combination of all the other awards. Carrie has entertained this year in her videos, on TV appearances like Idol Gives Back and in many other ways. If that awards is THE award then it should encompass more than just live shows.

  9. I always looked at Entertainer as best all around artist. Who has the best tour, best chart success, and put enough promotion for Country Music (ie. Magazine covers).

    I do agree that women get the short end of the stick in the nomination departments, but the female numbers don’t always add up to the men’s numbers. Carrie has the chart success and media attention, but she just started a headlining tour (that seems to be starting off good). Reba can sell out shows but her chart success hasn’t been comparable to the mens. Miranda’s chart success is just starting off, but she’s still an opening act. Taylor Swift has chart success and media attention but (again) she is still just an opening act. Sugarland has a promising future with good chart success and they have small tours that seem to be getting good review. It will be interesting to see what happens with their upcoming year (depending on how their new album takes).

    But I like the point above stating that radio doesn’t back female singers, so it’s harder for them to break through. It’s very true. Without radio support you can’t be heard by the “masses” and therefore your album sales aren’t as high and your ticket sales don’t compare.

    I think after another album both Sugarland and Carrie Underwood could be contenders for a nomination in the ETOY category. Whereas, I believe if Reba would buckle down and record music like she used to (instead of trying so hard) she could give EOTY a good run for it’s money.

  10. Roger’s point about George Strait is exactly what came to mind when Carrie’s performance skills were called into question. Although George deserves the respect he gets, he is not a lively entertainer by any means. Carrie’s performances certainly seem energetic and interesting compared to Strait’s. However, nobody seems to bat an eyelash when he is nominated for Entertainer of the year.

  11. I actually heard that interview on one of the fan sites when she first did it. I went back to try and find it but it’s gone (more like I’m too senile to remember where I found it in the first place!). There was a furor over people thinking Carrie was lobbying to become ETOY. Not so. In that interview she was asked point blank if she felt she should be nominated for ETOY and she said flat out no, she wasn’t there yet. Then she made the comment that touring with Keith showed her where she needs to be. I’m pretty sure that was the same interview but there have been so many I may have jumbled them up. Anyhoo, her point was simply that there have been some seriously deserving women out there in the past two decades that got snubbed when they shouldn’t have and that needs to change.

    Frankly I thought it took a lot of guts to stand up there and lobby for the ladies of country music! Good for her! She’s right!

    These ladies are sticking together and methinks they will be around for a long, long time so the powers that be had best get used to it! Heh!

  12. Maybe she should shut her mouth and not act like she is speaking for anyone.
    The facts are that her solo tour is only averaging 6,500 a concert. She plays in arenas that hold 15,000 sometime but they scale it down to her level and demand for tickets so she has not even sold more than 8000 tickets for single show on her tour.
    Big touring acts average more than 10,000 a night and that is a big factor too.
    She is just not entertainer of the year level and will never be because this is her peak. Actually her sales peak was last year.

    Lets get realistic here, the reason Shania won is because she sold out huge,hgue venues in 10 minutes worldwide and she sold ten times more than the guys and she was a great entertainer with impact never seen before

    So if Underwood gets a nom then the CMA’s have lowered their standards big time.
    Woman should get nominated but only if they can compete or beat the guus in tours and entertaining and the only woman to do that in the last 20 years is Shania.

    But nothing surprised me anymore, the CMA’s let an American Idol winner come to nashville and wrote her songs and produced her music and gave her more love than they have most artists who worked their whole life from the ground up in bars.
    So underwood should keep her trap shut and just let nashville write her songs and produce her music until the next flavor of the moment comes. It seems like even Taylor Swift has more originality and charisma than Carrie Underwood.

  13. jarhead, who the hell is she speaking for? Middle of the road touring acts like her?
    She is just making a fool of herself.
    Maybe she should take the example of the classiest and biggest of alltime, Shania.
    She never complained once about anything and she was snubbed for a decade in many categories at the CMA’s. The only award she ever won was EOTY in 1999 despite dominating music for a decade.If anyone has a right to bitch it would of been Shania.
    Not Underwood who has been treated with kid gloves by the industry.
    My advice to her is keep her trap shut and let Nashville continue to write her songs and control her.

  14. serioulsy Jake….. i mean come on I am all about supporting your favorite artist, but do you always have to use completly ignorant statements about other artists to prove shania is the queen of the universe…

    sorry but thats just annoying to read

  15. seriously gaby, I mean, what did I say that wasn’t true?
    Everything I said is 100% true and can be backed up by stats and facts.

  16. Geez jakester, how many names are you going to post under? We already get that Shania is the greatest thing since strawberry douche. Now you’re getting into the realm of not just annoying but to the point where you’re not worthy of even reading anymore. You are a sick, sick puppy. If you want to worship at the alter of Shania Twain and stalk her to get a sniff of her shorts then have at it but bring something original to your rants about Carrie. These have gotten tired.

    Your facts are not only out of context but skewered as well. Carrie has played to 600,000 since beginning her tour. Small potatoes to someone like Chesney but still quite respectable. Not only have her touring numbers steadily increased but she also holds a record your vaunted Shania never matched; seven consecutive #1s out of the gate. Now that ought to send you to your meds or else cause a blown gasket. Alas! Gasp! Carrie Underwood did something even Shania Twain couldn’t do! Have fun with that. I’m getting a chuckle now just picturing you slobbering all over yourself trying to come up with more fun facts. ETOY is not only about selling tickets. It is about market impact, sales, promotions, and concerts. In today’s world you have to add digital impact as well. Now I shall wait in pregnant anticipation for your little pea brain to come back and tell me that Carrie isn’t impacting any of those segments. But of course Shania did so you don’t have to say that again. I beat you too it. I bet you couldn’t make a post without Shania’s name in it if your life depended on it! :-o

    And just where was it that Carrie said she was ETOY? She wasn’t even lobbying for it. She was looking more toward someone like Shania and possibly Martina I would imagine. The fact is that there hasn’t even been a woman nominated in years. As far as what you said that wasn’t true, other than the aforementioned, it’s your attitude that sucks. You aren’t a wart on a frog’s butt but yet you come on here and want to tell Carrie and us to shut our mouths? Heh! When you grow a set and get your butt out there selling CDs and filling concerts then maybe, just maybe, you’ll have a right to whine. Until then maybe you ought to just shut your mouth and not act like you are speaking for anyone. Those of us that really like Shania would greatly appreciate it!

    You want to make it personal like you just did then go ahead. I’m good to go!

  17. It’s a bit depressing that a post meant to draw attention to gender inequity has devolved into a flame war using several derogatory terms for women.

    To put it more plainly, watch the language and the nastiness. I’m all for people passionately defending their artists but I’m not on board with personal attacks. Further comments that cross the line will be deleted.

  18. My apologies to the half-vast editorial staff but in defense I’m sick of the guy. No matter what name he uses. And I’m tired of the personal attacks that he makes every time he posts. No matter what name he uses.

    But I do apologize to you. It was a good thread. If he does it again then you might as well go ahead and ban my IP as I won’t be able to help myself. I have a tendency to go at things that are attacking. It’s a curse! :-o

    Just leave it so I can still read the site though! Then after maybe ten or fifteen years you can let me back to commenting! ;-)

  19. It’s difficult not to respond. I’ve fallen into the trap myself many times. Just take a look at the Halfway to Hazard “Daisy” thread. But if you don’t feed the trolls, they go away.

  20. Carrie Underwood may not be the best entertainer of the year, but she by far is the best representative of country music today. I talk to many people that Carrie Underwood is the only reason they like country, and her songs are the ones that make them listen to other acts and like them too! Entertainer of the year is NOT solely about live performances, its about the one that ENTERTAINS the best. Carrie Underwood is the best new nomination for EOTY in my opinion.

  21. I’ve always felt that Entertainer of the Year should be predicated on the performers’ ability to entertain an audience. On this basis, the CMA has done a mediocre job in making its nominations over the years as there are many recording artists who simply aren’t great live performers and here are others who rely on technology and tricks to get their performance across. Live shows ARE the primary qualification for this award.

    The CMA could nominate Merle Haggard, Asleep At The Wheel and the Cornell Hurd Band every year and a better slate of nominees than they usually get. In their primes Loretta Lynn and Barbara Mandrell were terrific entertainers (but Tammy Wynette and Kitty Wells were not)

    I don’t attend as many concerts today as was once the case. $60+ for a two hour show is ridiculous, particularly when much of the alleged entertainment is light shows and smoke with music played at ear-splitting volume. I saw Tim and Faith a few years ago and their opening act (the Warren Brothers) stole the show from them.

  22. I agree with what Carrie has stated. Women certainly get the short end of the stick – Martina McBride also spoke out about this last year, and I think she deserves a nomination, as well as maybe Reba. But I’d like to know how they judge it? What’s the most important thing? Being able to sing, put on a great performace or do sales come into it? Otherwise, sadly, men will continue to win it – They can sell well, and preform well ( Most of them)…. But women would do well too, if radio played them, and their record companies promoted them too!

  23. Jarheaddad,

    I always love your comments. They always make me smile. I meant to point out in my original post, as you did, that I don’t think Carrie was vying for a nomination with her statement. She was simply speaking out about the second class status with which women in country music are often ascribed. Someone young and popular like Carrie is just the right person to come out and make a bold statement about this treatment of women artists. Moreover, it would have been easy for Carrie to avoid this glaring problem and just sweep it under the carpet, but she took the chance of going against the industry to speak out. Considering that she’s known for being a bit shy and not known for controversial outbursts, her statement should be given even more validity. Whether or not people think *she* is deserving of the award should not detract from the problem of which she is speaking.

  24. ^ i agree leanne

    sorry kevin if my last post seemed as a personal attack on a commenter, i was in a mood when i commented

    my point is basically like jarheadad….its fine to defend you favorite artist, but you don’t need to drag other artists down to do it

  25. Thanks Leeann but I really shouldn’t be allowed to opine in genteel polite society. They should keep me locked up in a glass case with a sign that reads, “Caution: Neanderthal Man – Break glass only in the event of dire emergencvy!”


    I would add other criteria Paul. Like when Reba was doing movies, TV, and a full concert schedule she still didn’t get a nom. To me that has always been a travesty. I’ve always felt ETOY should be the best all around ambassador for Country Music plus being a true entertainer. Even if you base it solely on concerts you gotta’ admit that Miss Reba will knock your socks off! (Must be a guy thing huh? Heh!) Barbara Mandrell was just simply one of the best entertainers ever. She always rated right up there with Dolly for me.

  26. jarhead, you a quite a clown, you are the same sharkbait on other message boards who posts lies and false information.
    The bottom line is Carrie Underwood is not a top touring act.
    All you have to do is look at billboad boxscores. She is only averaging 6,500 a concert on her solo tour. Arenas she plays in can hold more than twice that amount but she can only fill 7000 at the most.
    You can go around posting lies and garbage.

    You are the biggest joke of Carrie Underwood fan because you go around making her out to be something she is not. She is a nashville puppet who Nashville controlls.

    You honestly think it is a good thing she had 6 #1 songs oni billboard go #1 on country radio lmao!!! Nashville has a hand in writing all her songs so of course her songs will do well, they make money off of her.

    Amazing is if you can score a few #1 singles in country without nashville writing your songs and without them making money off of you.

    So you can post all your lies and garbage all you want, Carrie Underwood is not EOTY calibre and is controlled by Nashville and even American Idol own her.

    She is doing over 100 dates on her solo tour alone to make her numbers look better because she is only averaging 6500 a concert.
    Sorry Sarkbait or whatever name you go by now, that is not EOTY calibre.

  27. sharkbait-jarhead, it is nice that the moderators here let you call me names and insult Shania too.
    You also made a comment on another board about Shanias’ personal life and her marriage which is a low blow.
    Your jealousy is beyond laughable. Shania set the standard for country female all over the world and your favorite is not even close to her.
    Shania sells out huge venues in minutes worldwide and broke the boundaries and did everything outside the Nashville system and set the biggest records all over the world.
    If you want to bash Shania then you are quite a miserable person without any class.
    The moderators let Shania, the biggest of alltimem, get dragged through the mud because of your obsessive rants about the American Idol singer who is as fake as it gets.
    Even Taylor Swift has more potential than Underwood and more charisma.
    So get a reality check, even some Carrie fans don’t even think she is close to EOTY calibre.

  28. kevin, what a load of garbage, I only stated the facts.
    I dont’ even listen to country music radio but I can read the facts.
    This sharkbait-jarhead posts these meaningless stats that come straight from her fanclub and most are misleading and lies.
    I would drop this topic now but that person keeps coming back with his or her obsessive rants.
    If Underwood if any woman wants to win EOTY then actually compete with the top guys in tours like a Shania. Shania is the only woman in the last 20 years able to sell out huge venues on her name alone.
    Don’t cry if your Underwood or any other female who can’t even sell more than 8000 a concert. You don’t deserve EOTY mentions.

    Facts are facts and averaging only 6,500 on her solo tour shouldn’t get Carrie Underwood EOTY mentions.
    If she does then the CMA’s have lowered their standards from when real big stars like Shania sold out 20,000 seat venues in 10 minutes

  29. |Shania is the only woman in the last 20 years able to sell out huge venues on her name alone.”

    Ummm that’s not true. Reba was selling out concerts and competing toe to toe with the boys all through the 90’s. Even now Reba sells out many of her shows.

    Either way, Shania deserved her Entertainer of the Year Award. And if Carrie keeps up with how she’s been doing, she could very well be on her way to a EOTY.

  30. Whatever kevin you say.
    Here in Detroit so sold back to back out the Palace in Detroit with 20,000 seats in 20 mintues and they had to add another concert in Detriot the next day and sold that out in an hour.
    No country female has even come close to Shania in this area and she does it worldwide.
    I even went to see her in London’s Hyde Park in England and she sold 80,000 tickets to that show on her name alone.

    Greg, why is it so hard for you to understand that Underwood is not EOTY material.

  31. Kevin, type this in and you will see what kind of impact a real EOTY has.

    Oh and Greg, sorry but you may like Underwood but she will never even be close to a top entertainer. She has reached her peak in popularity already and is getting outsold by Taylor Swift now.
    I think these whiny Carrie Underwood fans need to face reality, she is not a good entertainer and doesn’t pull in the crowds like top entertainers, deal with it.

  32. Told you he’d blow a gasket Kevin! I rest my case!

    Only thing in any of your little diatribes I’ll answer Jake/Peter/and at least four others and that is my handle. I go by two handles; JarheadDad and JHD. Period. Obviously JHD is an abbreviation of JarheadDad for saving time. Unlike you I own up to what I say and I back it up in any way anyone sees fit. Funny how that works! How many boards have you been banned from now Peter? Uh Jake? No wait, it was Sue last time I think. You even switch genders. Heh! How modern of you. I know of at least six yet you keep trying. Let’s see, Keith Urban’s board, Taylor Swift’s board, Kellie Pickler’s board, Carrie’s boards (all of them), Miranda Lambert’s board, and most of CMT. But those are only the ones I know of. If I’m not mistaken they are even sick of you on Shania’s site. Now that’s truly sad. You’re lucky you can still post here but just keep it up and eventually everyone will get tired of your tripe here as well. I must admit that I do not profess to answer for Kevin and obviously he is a patient man. You’re stuff is old and tired. Not to mention boring.

    I’ve got a great idea. The same one I’ve given you for a year now. Start your own blog and then you can rant and rave and call every female singer out there anything you want. Build it and they will come.

    Or not! :-o

    BTW, Sharkbait is female and only uses that handle on CMT. She goes by TeeSharky on Carrie’s boards. As usual you are wrong again. Go figure!

    Have a great life Jakester. On whatever planet you are on! What you say from here on out is meaningless and not worth the effort to respond to.

  33. Carrie Underwood fans, I have a question. Please bear with me, I’ll try to be brief. Is Carrie a Catholic? I googled her to see if her dog is a Rat Terrier like mine, and I came across a really offensive website blasting Carrie for:

    1. Being a Catholic

    2. Denying her Catholic upbringing in order to sell more records to the mostly Protestant country music audience.

    I also am from Oklahoma (Tulsa) and am Catholic. So I can soooo relate to the remarkable ignorance and outright bigotry that exists in the buckle of the Bible Belt . (For the record, yes, Catholics are Christians. In fact, Catholicism is the original Christian denomination. Protestantism came much later — google Martin Luther for more info.)

    There is a fairly sizeable and prominent Catholic community in Tulsa, so I was mostly insulated from such prejudice. I can only imagine what it must have been like in the more rural parts such as Muskogee/Checotah.

    I hope that disgusting website was wrong.

  34. Carrie attends the First Free Will Baptist Church when home in Checotah. She grew up singing in the choir there. There are no Catholic churches in Checotah, OK.

    Isn’t the internet a lovely place at times? :-(

    Hope this helps.

  35. jarhead, You are sharbait sound exactly alike and post the exact same false info straight from her fan club or message boards lol!!!
    You are the one so obsessed that you feel a need to post the most misleading lies on this board. You call me names and accuse me of posting on Keith Urban,Miranda lamberts and others boards when I have never once posted on their boards.
    Your lies and slander should get you banne from here.
    I never put down any poster, all I did post facts that Underwood is not EOTY calibre and only averaging 6,500 concert. You got so offended and started posting pure garbage obsessed dribble.
    Why can’t people like you deal with the facts instead of making Carrie Underwood out to be something she is not.

    When I post about Shania I only posted the facts and don’t lie. If it bothers you that Shania is a global icon and the biggest of alltime then dont’ respond.
    But we are talking about EOTY calibre and for this year I would nominated many before I nominated Underwood.
    Just because she has to do over 100 dates on her solo tour to make her numbers look better doesn’t make her EOTY calibre. Deal with it, she only averages 6,500 a concert and is not a top act and can’t compete with the top guys.
    I have only stated the facts about her and not lied, unlike you.
    If it makes you feel better to call me names and accuse me of things because you don’t like the truth then you have serious problems.
    I expect you to come back here and post more dribble despite the fact that you said you won’t respond anymore.
    I would be ashamed of yourself and Underwoods publicist machine who hype her up and throw stuff in the press out of context and make up new records.

    If that is the case then Shania could of have bragged to the press about the thousands of records she has set and still holds all over the world and Shania at least has a right to brag because she holds the biggest records of alltime in so many countries. She can even make up thousands of more records she has set as you look back. But Shania has never bragged or asked her publicict to saturate the media with her amazng success and stats that blow everyone away.

    I think you need to take a step back and stop with all this garbage because people with common sense see right through it.

    Underwood is an okay vocalist who nashville writes and produces her music and she will do okay as long as they make her music and write her songs. Thats about all it is, nothing more and nothing less.

  36. This back and forth has gone on long enough. You have all made your points. Further Carrie vs. Shania posts, regardless of content or author, will be deleted. Nobody can have a good conversation on this thread because of this back and forth.

  37. This back and forth has gone on long enough. You have all made your points. Further Carrie vs. Shania posts, regardless of content or author, will be deleted. Nobody can have a good conversation on this thread because of this back and forth.

  38. Reading this discussion is really disheartening. All Carrie did was say that women deserve more respect than they are paid, and used the EOTY award as an example. Yet ignorant people automatically assume she is talking about herself and blast her for challenging the status quo.

    I will not lie, Carrie is the ONLY reason I listen to Country music. I picked her as the one to win AI from her first audition, and I have been a diehard fan since. When she released JTTW, I would make all my radio presets be country stations because I thought it would be sooo cool to hear my idol Carrie on the radio for the first time! Then, hours turned into days of listening to country radio, and days turned into weeks. Soon, I not only heard Carrie, but I fell in love with other performers of country, such as Keith, Martina, Miranda, and Sugarland! And I was a country music HATER before this. Now, I love it! People can talk concert venues (which I will address later) and her “lack of performance ability” to justify why she should not be Entertainer, but goshdarn has she had an influence on country music even if she isnt selling out concerts in 10 minutes.

    Which brings me to my next point – the emphasis on touring. Why, just because she doesnt sell out 40,000 seat arenas, should Carrie be denied the EOTY? Carrie is touring her butt off and she has been since freaking February. Have you seen her concert dates? Out of 30 days, she is touring for at least 25 of them, and she will be until the fall. That is freakin intense. Granted they are not huge arenas, but Carrie’s managament team itself requested that Carrie start out at the slow venues! I will try to find the article as proof, but seriously…Carrie Underwood could sell out 15000+ arenas if she wanted to. Look at her selling power at the Delaware State Fair and what not! It sold out in record time, beating all others before her!

    Others have mentioned her TV exposure….and I completely agree that Carrie’s presence on national television is another reason she deserves a nomination at least. I dont want to go into it, but on this year alone she will have reached more than 100+ million people on TV through idol, SNL, fashion rocks, ACMs, CMAs, etc…


    PS can we also stop the Taylor Swift comparisons? They are uncalled for…Taylor and Carrie are each their own artists doing their own thing.

  39. CMA needs to state the criteria for EOY. Carrie is all over, performed everywhere, her CD’s (both) are still selling on the high part of the charts; She is performing in concert from January through December. First with Keith Urban, then headlining with Josh Turner, then James Michael Carrol and then Little Big Time starting in Sept. and Yes, she has been selling out. She has won gobs of awards. So again what does it take.

    But I did see this article somewhere, she did say she was not ready for EOY but many before heard should have been nominated like Martina and Faith.

    She is speaking up for the country women and being a great role model. Oh and the girl can sing…and sing live as well.

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