Patty Loveless, “Why, Baby, Why”

Patty Loveless is back with the first track from her much-anticipated classic covers album. “Why, Baby, Why”, her version of the 1955 George Jones song, is brimming with attitude and is a satisfying trip down memory lane.

While a number of country acts have released their own take on “Why, Baby, Why”, Loveless’ energy and enjoyment give the song new life. Loveless revels in the sheer excitement of the music, and she makes her character defiant, yet desperate to rekindle the flame. She gets into the honky tonk groove, begging her man to pay her some attention and “appreciate a good thing”. No worries, Patty, true country fans will appreciate this introduction to the new album, Sleepless Nights, set for release on September 9.

Written by Darrell Edwards and George Jones

Grade: B+

Listen: Why Baby Why

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  1. Usually, I try not to buy an individual song from an album when it’s from an album that I know I’m going to buy upon its release, since there’s usually a deal when buying an entire digital album. I couldn’t resist this time and I don’t regret it in the least! It’s awesome! This is the best version I’ve heard yet. I’ve always liked the version on Jones’ Bradley Barnes Sessions with Ricky Skaggs, but this one beats that one out for me. I’m really excited that Patty and Emmory make such a great team.

  2. If you’ve read any of my comments ever, you probably know “I” love it. :)

    I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of the other versions of this song. Of all the classics to remake, I wouldn’t have chosen this one. But Patty makes it a honky-tonk romp that I can’t help but love.

  3. just downloaded this one. i was kind of disappointed when i heard she was doing a classics album because i wanted her to do some new stuff, but after hearing this i can’t wait

  4. I read that Emory’s cousin said that Patty sounded like she was 20 years old on this one…The energy of a 20 year old to be sure, but with the seasoning and artistic maturity or a true legend. Patty’s version is my favorite as well, by far.

    I shared some of the reservations voiced on this thread about a cover album…but after hearing her version of WHY BABY WHY, I was reminded once again to trust the musical instincts of Patty Loveless and Emory Gordy Jr. without question. The legend of their musical partnership grows with each new undertaking.

    Does EVERYTHING this amazing woman touches with her enchanting voice turn magic?! Patty does far more than revitalize a great classic with that golden voice of hers, she positively resurrects it to something even more trancendent and timeless.

    Patty Loveless, like her hero Ralph Stanley, just keeps getting better with age.

    -Steve from Boston

  5. Well like many others was sorta disappointed when I found out her new album was all covers, but after hearing this it sounds great!! So I imagine every song on this album will reflect this first single.. Hopefully RADIO PAYS ATTENTION, even thought that’s doubtful, she still has a huge following…

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