Faith Hill, “A Baby Changes Everything”

We all know that I’m a sucker for a good Christmas song, or Christmas songs in general, really. So, while Faith Hill’s latest release of a Christmas song is admittedly premature in the month of August, I was excited all the same—mostly because it helps to signify that the Christmas season is approaching, which is something that I realize likely makes the rest of you cringe.

Because there are so many wonderful Christmas classics, it’s difficult for an original to make an impression. Therefore, it takes an outstanding original to successfully compete with the classics. “A Baby Changes Everything” is the only original song on Faith’s upcoming Christmas album, but it sadly does not justify its coveted spot. While her vocal performance is perfect, the song itself lacks the personality or depth that inspires me at Christmastime.

It starts off slow, without much of a melody, but it seems to stay at that point for far too long. While I suspect this initial understated approach is for the purpose of build up, it ends up seeming lackluster instead. The most interesting part of the song is when she is joined by a choral group, which does not bode well for the song, since such tactics in Christmas songs typically annoy me except in the rare case of Alan Jackson’s “Let It Be Christmas.”

Perhaps I’m just not in the Christmas spirit quite yet after all. Check back with me in a couple of weeks.

Grade: B-

Listen: A Baby Changes Everything


  1. “So, I guess we’re not so far off from each other then?:)”

    Yeah, I pretty much agree with your entire review.
    I’m really looking forward to this album! I think she’ll do a great job on the classics.

  2. Leeann,

    I agree with you about this one (shocked, I know!). I thought that it’d be a vague Christmas song coming out so early but I think, as I noted over @ Roughstock, that will be a huge successful single at AC and Christian stations and will garner lots of Country Christmas spins but won’t be a hit until then.

  3. “don’t you think you’re a little late with your review of a christmas song – it’s already August 29.”

    I like the way you’re thinking, Tom!

  4. had it on their website and me and a coworker both listened to it! Did not like it! I love her Where Are You Christmas, but this one did not do it for me or my friend!

  5. Hmmm, shouldn’t Faith Hill have taken a shot at a mainstream single in August and then a Christmas tune in say um, November or better yet, Decemeber ?…

  6. I too am excited about the album.
    The song is okay. I’ll agree with Leeann’s grade ^^
    I wish they had added “Where are you christmas?” but I already have it so Im fine :)

  7. I love this song! Faith voice is so angelic, yet powerful.If she would do a video for with X=Mas scene, & maybe her girls- This would be AWESOME! I’ve already pre-ordered my album.

  8. I went to the PBS Soundstage taping in Illinois last night. She sang her whole album – and she was AMAZING!! I love this song – and it sounded even better live. I can’t wait for the CD to come out – it’s one I will definitely be buying.

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