Eric Durrance, “Turn It Off”

As obsessive bloggers and blog readers, this is a song to which many of us can surely relate. After running through the list of modern technologies of the day that we, as a society, generally use as a lifeline of sorts, Eric Durrance appeals to his lover to “turn it off.” He warns, ”You better lose that connection before my affection is gone/Turn it off/Turn it off and leave it alone/So we can get it on.”

While I have heard Durrance sing better and the song is surely not a masterpiece, it’s amusing and probably more realistic than many of us would want to admit.

Grade: B

Listen: Turn it Off


  1. Leeann,

    It’s also likely a song that will gain him even more notice at radio than “Angels Fly Away” did. I’m hopeful for his upcoming album. FYI “Life Is Hard” will be on it the same way it was on the EP.

  2. Matt, thanks for getting me into this guy. As you probably remember, it’s your old blog, The Lost Highway, that brought him to my attention in the first place.

  3. A fun song.

    I wonder if some of Country radio might stay clear of this one though because it is giving out a message at odds with some of their corporate advertisers and sponsors.

  4. This is a funny song, and we DO all feel this way. I know Eric and he is as true of a person in real life, as he is relating his songs to you. Trust me, Eric is the REAL deal!

  5. BTW, the song never mentions anything about Radio, it is fairly clear that he is talking about cell phones and Ipods, so Radio should actually want us to do the same, so we will PAY ATTENTION TO THEM! Radio wants you to Turn Em Off, too!

  6. Eric is an amazing person and I love him to death, he has hit a home run with all the songs on the new album but I love the song COVER, its a song where Eric throws himself out there saying “i break and I know it, for that I dont apologize” the songs are amazing and Eric has such passion about him.

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