Alan Jackson, “Country Boy”

If you like Alan Jackson’s “Where I Come From”, you’ll probably enjoy his latest single, “Country Boy.” However, if you’re like me and thought that song was clichéd and dull, you’ll likely pass over this one, since the two songs are somewhat parallel in theme and very similar in production.

While Jackson exudes his natural southern charm in this song, it’s not enough to elevate it from uninteresting to something memorable. In a plethora of songs that celebrates country life, this song is one of the least interesting of them all.

It starts with Jackson smoothly offering to take a woman for a ride to wherever she needs to go in his truck and continues with proclamations of how he is a country boy as evidenced by his truck. He proudly sings, “I’m a country boy/I’ve got a 4-wheel drive/Hop in my bed, I’ll take you for a ride/Up city streets, down country roads/I can get you where you need to go/’cause I’m a country boy.”

Along with the lyrics that are devoid of personality, the production and plodding melody is sure to make this song one that will soon be forgotten. As has been proven by so many of Jackson’s previous compositions, he is capable of writing songs that are so much more compelling than this.  Likewise, Keith Stegall has shown that he is equally adept at providing complimentary arrangements.

Unfortunately, both have failed to measure up to their own standards with this song, which is, ultimately, the biggest disappointment of all.

Written By Alan Jackson

Grade: C

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  1. I want to respond to a song like this from a middle aged man like Jackson with a long career behind him with:

    “Grow up!”

    If I were picking singles from the “Good Time” CD this wouldn’t be one. My choice would be the song “1976” which sounds much more authentic.

  2. I agree with Jim O …. for as long of a career AJ has had, he is incredibly hesitant to progress.
    Shame to see someone with such a gift constantly stymie himself.

  3. I actually don’t know that he refuses to grow up as much as I wonder if he’s just trying to keep up with what’s modern today. Unfortunately, he shouldn’t try so hard and just let the music be more natural to what he does best. He’s definitely done plenty of songs that show the more ature side of him than a song like this.

  4. Irony: Luke Bryan’s new single is called “Country Man”. Chew on all that.

    I also believe “1976” is one of the highlights of the album. I would’ve hoped for a song with a little more depth coming from Alan.

  5. To be fair, Alan received a huge backlash from his fan base when he did try to progress (Like Red on a Rose.) But he doesn’t even sound interested in the song he’s singing here. A dud, indeed.

  6. Leeann, I must disagree on one point. I loved “Where I Come From” but I can’t stand this song. It’s just so bland. I don’t mind if a song is silly or corny if it has a good beat and is fun and I can sing it in my car. I could do that with WICF but I just skip “Country Boy”.

  7. Well, at least I got it half right. I think songs like “Small Town Southern Man”, “Remember When, “Where Were You”, etc. are mature enough for me, but this seems to be a step backward. I’m not asking him to change his style, just make the best of it as he has in the past. This just seems lazy.

  8. I was really hoping for the duet to be released it’s a fun song. I think it may have been too much like Good Time though. This song is actualy my least favorite from the album and I was shocked to hear that it was chosen to be released.

  9. OK, so this is not Alan Jackson’s most profound or even his wittiest piece of music. But it’s still better in quality than at least 50% of the current top 40 songs. Give Alan a break.

  10. JR,
    That’s my problem with this song. For me, this song actually isn’t better than much of what’s being played right now. I love Alan Jackson, so it’s even more disappointing when his latest single isn’t anything more than album filler. I judge him by an admittedly high standard. Him.

  11. I think this song just fits in at country radio myself. Sure, Alan could and has done much, much better. But for an artist of Alan’s breadth and talent, I am inclined to forgive one dud from each album.

    Nobody’s tastes are exactly the same. Maybe someone else hears something in this song we don’t, Leeann.

  12. I think it might be geared toward a younger more redneck crowd that might actually get a kick out of driving around with a woman and flinging mud. It has a good sound, kinda catchy chorus even if that is the bulk of the song. Not saying it is his best or even the that much content in it but I think he is mixing it up a little. There is no law saying all his music has to be geared toward mature fine standing citizens.

  13. Okay, guys. This is like Alan’s older music, which was great. I love this song. This one, and Luke Bryan’s Country Man are both great songs. They are fun and bouncy, who cares if Alan is singing like a younger guy? He realizes, after the failure of the grown-up songs such as Like Red on a Rose that these are better and more popular. I am looking forward to hearing it on the radio, i have been listening from the CD often for quite a while!

  14. I agree that the song is not his best work. It is getting a great deal of radio time in my area and I do find myself singing along.

    Leann, I guess I just get the whole country boy with a truck theme since I’ve been married to one for a long, long time.

  15. I totally disagree with every last one of ya’ll!! This song has a strong implied message that I guess only those that can “get some” from a real country boy on a regular basis can understand!! Listen to the song very carefully. Check out the following link and maybe then you’ll get the subtle undertones or not so subtle for those of us that actually listen!

  16. Don’t criticize Alan Jackson. He sings songs so they can relate to US. Just because a song doesn’t relate to you doesn’t mean you have to criticize it. It is a great song by Alan Jackson. Anything by Alan Jackson is great.

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