1. True enough .. .

    They are collectively much prettier than the Dixie Chicks, but with a less well developed muse.

    If we check back again in five years,we probably will find that Hough has been forgotten, Pickler has developed into a mid-level star and Swift has become a far more sophisticated songwriter.

    I don’t think Swift sings very well, but that didn’t stop Bob Dylan and Rod Stewart from becoming huge stars and I suspect it won’t derail her either.

  2. Yeah that’s true but I’m thinking Taylor will either go two ways. Either she’ll cross over into pop permenantley or she’ll focus more on song writing. I think once her teenybopper appeal wears off she’ll have trouble because her vocals aren’t very good. Her writing is where she’ll make her mark.

    Kellie I think will have the longest singing career of the three because she’s got the best voice. She also has a good backstory. I don’t think she’ll ever be as big, but she could become Dolly-like.

    Julianne Hough’s career is all sitting on “My Hallejuha Song” if it bombs I don’t think we’ll even be talking about her this time next year.

  3. Having heard all three separately on the radio, I have to say that I find Taylor to be among the more irritating vocalists of recent years, even owing to the fact that she’s a teenybopper (her songwriting isn’t anything to write home about either); and Kellie and Julianne to be adequate vocalists, but not the kind that can belt anything out of the park.

    They’re definitely not the Chicks. Even more, they’re a long, long way from being The Trio (to wit, Dolly, Linda, and Emmylou).

  4. Ah, the Trio … two of my favorite albums ever were made by that teaming up of artists.

    No comment on the three blondes vying to fill the shoes of the Trio or the Chicks.

  5. I should clarify that my point of this post was not to draw comparisons between the respective talents of the ladies, but just the similarity in style/appearance. Like I wrote upthread, I keep seeing this promo image and thinking it’s late nineties Chicks. Seemed kinda funny to me.

  6. I give you that All 3 are “chicks”. Oh and I have to stress I don’t refer to young women as chicks in regular conversation.

    However, when it comes to the “Dixie”, in the literal sense of the word only Pickler qualifies, being from North Carolina

    Swift is from Pennsylvania and Hough Utah.

  7. I think it’s because all 3 Dixie Chicks were blonde in the late 90s and were still wearing bright colors like Taylor, Kellie, and Julianne in that photo, Kevin. It’s only a visual similarity. But maybe that’s what marketing is playing on with this shot.

  8. The chicks were just as rough at that point in their career.

    The comparison is as horrid as Carrie to Shania. Really, you’re just perpetuating the same sterotype/myth/rumor/whatever you want to call it.

    It’s unfair.

  9. Random response to a random post: has anyone heard (or does anyone have) “The Legend of Jesse James” – a concept album by Paul Kennerlry?

  10. Kevin, I hear ya! I saw a small image of the new People magazine cover with Kellie, Taylor and Julianne on it and did a double take. I thought it was the Chicks (although not all 3 of them are blonde anymore!) Upon closer examination, it was these three ladies.

  11. Taylor Swift is such a joke, but I do like the other two singers. I know the comment is not what is being asked, I just think Taylor Swift sucks when it comes to singing.

  12. Found this is there anyway we will revive it and put input on their careers currently and if we think any will last/who will stay longest?

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