Review: Wade Bowen, “You Had Me at My Best”

As a preview of his album If We Ever Make It Home, Wade Bowen gives us “You Had Me at My Best,” a message of sadness in the face of a faded love. The man openly questions the end result of the relationship, but never quite explains how the split occurred. The song is moving, and Bowen’s performance is heartfelt, but it never really goes anywhere.

Bowen, as shown by his previously self-released music, has obvious lyrical talent, a skill that has attracted co-writers such as Radney Foster and Pat Green. But “You Had Me At My Best” just misses its mark, leaving the listener curious to what happened and why. The semi-positive outlook on goodbye isn’t supported by any cold, hard truths. Bowen can, and has, done better.

Grade: B-

Listen: You Had Me At My Best

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  1. The biggest complaint I have with this single is the production; it just isn’t fierce enough to play off of the melody, which is awesome. Plus Bowen – who I love as a vocalist – sounds a little tamer than I’d like him to. And yeah, the lyrics could certainly delve deeper. But there’s so much promise here; I’m really looking forward to reviewing this album.

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