Review: Emerson Drive, “Belongs to You”

In 2006, Emerson Drive hit the jackpot with “Moments,” a once-in-a-lifetime story song that stretched the boundaries of country radio in all the right directions.  The band now resides with Valory Music Co., and their first single with the new label is “Belongs to You,” an excessively sentimental ballad that targets the “18-49 female” demographic that country radio courts with growing regularity.

The impact of lead singer Brad Mates rises and falls with the material he’s presented, and he’s unable to save this romantic song.  It’s packed with standard-issue statements, with the narrator vowing that “every smile that lights (his) face” and “every single hidden place” is owned by his lady love.  “Belongs to You” would blend in with the rest of radio’s saccharine love songs, but in releasing it as a single, the band settles for less than their best.

Grade: C

Written by Dave Berg, Rivers Rutherford & Tom Shapiro

Listen: Belongs to You

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  1. I absolutely love Emerson Drive (if you haven’t seen them live, you’re missing out on an amazing experience). But I too felt short-changed on this single. The band had so much momentum after moments that I really thought there big break would happen, but alas I don’t think this song will do it. It’s a fine song, and will get played a little on radio waves, but lets hope the new album brings us some better material.

    PS) Listen to the beginning of this song and then the beginning of Reba’s song “You Remember Me” Does it not sound like the same notes being played?

    Reba – You Remember Me

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