Review: Trace Adkins, “I Can’t Outrun You”

While Trace Adkins’ formulaic “You’re Gonna Miss This” was received well (likely partly due to his high-profile appearances on Celebrity Apprentice), his more unconventional ballads like the gospel-flavored “Muddy Water”, the thoughtful “Arlington” and the gritty “I Wanna Feel Something” have not been as successful as his decidedly muscular up-tempo singles that started with “Songs About Me” and continued with “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” and “Ladies Love Country Boys.”

This is unfortunate because Adkins doubtlessly turns in his best performances on these slow songs that radio almost seems to categorically reject. Hopefully though, radio won’t make the foolish mistake of ignoring his latest ballad, though it’s his third slow song in a row, because his latest single, “I Can’t Outrun You,” is a superb song that everyone deserves to hear.

Adkins sings this song about being unable to escape the emotional grip of an ex-lover with genuine feeling that seems to come from somewhere deep inside him. While it covers a well-worn subject, the song is somehow elevated by Adkins’ intimate and haunting vocal delivery, which is both sensitive and strong. Moreover, his powerful performance is supported by a piano-driven production that is appropriately sparse and manages not to interfere with Adkins’ voice, which is the star of the song.

Grade: A

Click to watch Trace Adkins, I Can't Outrun You.


  1. Just looking at the lyrics, the song doesn’t seem like anything special… but the piano and Adkin’s voice gave me goosebumps. WOW.

  2. Trace once again shows is quality voice in another wonderful, deep, moving song. I can relate to this song & it gave me chills. Well done.

  3. Pardon me !! As a long time fan of Mr Adkins let me remind the columnist here that Mr Adkins career was on the fast track for many years before the Celeb Apprentice. Yes I am sure that more people became aware of him from that show that before that might have said “Trace WHO?” but that song was a great one and the true fans of Mr Adkins from many years ago didnt need the Celeb Apprentice to boost him in our minds

  4. I agree with the reviewer in that some of Trace’s best songs are overlooked by radio because they claim that they know what we want to hear, (although no one has ever asked me). I think he is reluctant to put this out as a single (which I think is a huge mistake) because the label thinks it won’t sell? I really believe this song is The BEST he has ever done bar none and it WOULD do well because everyone, I don’t care who you are, has been in that place in this song. I can’t outrun you, breathes new life into that relentless pain of heartache which even if we are long past it, we are never really over it and sometimes it does us good to revisit it.

  5. I have just started listening to Trace Adkins because of this song. I like the concept of “not being able to outrun” someone you care about. While the lyric is unique, I suspect it strikes a chord in most all of us who have moved beyond a relationship. Easy to listen to, meaningful ballad that is thoughtfully written that deserves good radio play time.

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