Giveaway: Toby Keith Autographed CD – That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy

We’re feeling like good guys here at Country Universe, so we’re giving away an autographed copy of Toby Keith’s latest CD, That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy.    You can read Blake’s review of the album here.

That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy is Keith’s twelfth studio album, a self-produced set anchored by the #1 hit “She Never Cried in Front of Me” and its follow-up, “God Love Her.”   Since releasing his debut album in 1993, Keith has been a mainstay on country radio, with dozens of hits to his credit.

With this distinguished history in mind, here’s the question you need to answer in the comments to be eligible for this giveaway:

What is Toby Keith’s best song, and why?

A winner will be randomly chosen from all eligible entries, which must include a valid e-mail address.   We’ll pick the winner on Wednesday, November 26 at 8:00 p.m Eastern.    You have until then to submit your entry.

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Toby Keith - That Don't Make Me a Bad Guy


  1. I’m not that big a fan of Toby’s but I’ve listened to a couple of songs off of here and I was actually pretty impressed. If I had to pick my favorite Toby Keith song it would have to be Whiskey Girl, I like the song just because it’s fun. I find in a lot of his songs he comes across as having a big ego, but in this one it’s almost vanished and it was refreshing to hear from him after all the Dixie Chicks stuff.

  2. I’d have to go with “She Ain’t Hooked On Me No More,” the duet with Merle on his Honkytonk University album. Good hook, well sung, I’m surprised he didn’t try to promote it. I liked it a lot more than “Big Blue Note” from that album. Others receiving votes: “Whiskey Girl,” “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This,” “American Soldier,” and “Nights I Can’t Remember.”

  3. I Should’ve Been a Cowboy – I believe is still his best. It launched his career and showed what a poet he really is. It opened the door to allow a shift in country music.

  4. Rock You Baby. It is one of my favorites. It is a beautful love song about a man trying to help a woman get over a bad relationship.

    I really love most of Toby’s songs but this is my first favorite.

    It’s really hard to choose.

  5. There are a lot of Toby songs that I like:

    “Should’ve Been A Cowboy”
    “He Ain’t Worth Missin'”
    “Heart To Heart”
    “Me Too”
    “You Ain’t Much Fun”
    “Big Blue Note”
    And more…

    My favorite album of his is White Trash With Money.

  6. I’m not entering the contest (because I’m probably getting the CD for Chrsitmas and anyway I’m not in the US), but my favourite Toby Keith recording is New Orleans on his How Do You Like Me Now album. It’s a great story song which actually addresses domestic violence (I think – one of the things I like is that it leaves some room for speculation as to exactly what happened in the eponymous New Orleans) with some subtlety (possibly because Toby himself didn’t write it, but he sings it in a relatively low key manner too). It’s a shame it was never a single.
    Toby is always a bit hit-and-miss for me – far too bombastic at times, but occasionally that works, if the song is strong enough. But New Orleans isn’t bombastic at all, just a really good song delivered well.

  7. I’m gonna go with ‘He Ain’t Worth Missin’. It was the first Toby Keith song I remember really loving and I still play it regularly.

  8. I like all of Toby’s songs. I think he gets better all the time. Love the new CD’s song “I Lost You Anyway”. Lot’s of different styles, which proves he can sing anything. Both his Christmas CDs are good too.

  9. Toby has alot of awesome songs but his new cd is all him..I like Me and God Love her.. it is a song that lets Toby be Toby singing out side of the box everybody has put him in..

  10. I love this new CD and probably a lot of people will not agree with me but my favorite song is Cabo San Lucas. I love the acoustic sound to this song and the simplicity just lends itself to easy listening.

  11. My favorite Toby Keith song? Which ever one I’m listening to at the time! To name one, I’d say I really love “Nights I can’t Remember (and Friends I’ll Never Forget)! His album cuts are sometimes better than the radio hits – people should give them a listen.

  12. “Die with your boots on” from the CD with “How do you like me now”….

    “Daddy was a gambler
    Back in seventy-two
    He had a taste for the nightlife and he
    Loved his booze
    He had a woman on one arm
    And a tattoo on the other
    It was hard to read I don’t know what it said
    Somethin’ about my mother”

    Some of my most favorite other Toby songs were never released as singles.

  13. My favorite Toby song is “How Do you Like Me Now”! Although it wasn’t intended for the Record Labels that turned him down, or the political country music establishment that has held him back from awards he deservedly should have received, or from those who tried to convince him to conform and not be himself and follow his individual path -it certainly does speak volumes! He was the highest earner in country music on Forbes, his fans love him – so HOW DO YOU LIKE HIM NOW!!!!!!

  14. Pick a best Toby Keith song–an impossible task. I’ve loved Toby’s voice since “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” still one of my favorites. I love Toby’s hard driving songs in concert, but nobody sings a ballad like Toby Keith. In my opinion, some of Toby’s best music is never released. I’ll restrict my pick to Toby’s latest CD, and even then, there is no clear-cut ‘best.’ This CD is fabulous, top to bottom, but the one that seems to get the repeat button most often is “Lost You Anyway.”

  15. As a die hard Toby fan, it is almost impossible to pick my favorite song as there isn’t really one that I actually don’t like. But if pressed to pick one, it would be You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This. I love the rough and rowdy side of Toby, but I have had the pleasure of seeing Toby perform this particular song live several times and it is even more amazing in person!! If I had to pick from his newest album, well, that would be difficult because I love them all so far. Toby shows us several sides of him in this album. Rough, rowdy, tender and bad boy all rolled into one!!!

  16. Picking one – impossible! On That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy – I would have to chose “Missing Me Some You” – HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!

  17. My Favorite Toby Keith song is “Should’ve Been A Cowboy.” It’s just Toby. When you hear him sing this, it’s like he really means it. He really should have been a cowboy. Riding horses, cattle drives, stealing the young girls hearts. That is Toby whether he’s carrying a six shooter or a guitar, he’s stealing young girl’s hearts including mine. He should’ve been my cowboy!

  18. You shouldn’t Kiss me Like That. Is like the all time Favorite. It reminds me of my first kiss from my Husband on our 1st date. the Video does not do it justice. I have been married for almost 18 years and with my Husband for 21 years Thanksgiving Day. And from that 1st kiss i knew he was the one. And when i hear that song it takes me back to our first Date every time. If Toby ever wants to redo his Video for that song, I would LOVE to let him know how much it meant to me to hear that song, and how it touched me then and now. It brings back Wonderful Loving memories for me. And i still get that feeling when i kiss my Husband. Goosebumps. thanks for the chance to share this with you. Cindy

  19. My favorite Toby Keith Song is “American Soldier”. This song was written by Toby and it comes from his heart. If you have ever been to a Toby Keith Concert and hear and watch Toby sing this song, you will truely see that this comes from his heart, the emotion he puts into this song is incredible, and you can see how much he honors are appreciates our Soldiers.

  20. Picking a favorite song of TK’s is difficult. All of his songs are favorites at one time or another. Each one has a special meanining. I will choose the following song as my all time favorite
    My favorite TK song is American Soldier. My son, Toby, is an American soldier currently serving his third tour in Iraq. I have watched my son when this song plays and he sings along. His whole persona changes as he straightens up and stands proud. He also is a huge TK fan.

  21. I love all of Toby’s songs but if I have to pick one I would pick Courtesy of the Red,White and Blue. The reason it meant so much to me was it was like he wrote it about my Dad. I am proud of my Dad for serving in the Army. He loved this country and he always flew a flag in our yard. I lost my Dad this past April and I got to meet Toby in Sept and I told him about my Dad and what the song meant to me. He was very sweet he took the time to listen to me and told me he was sorry about my Dad. I hope Toby knows that his music helps heals hearts. He is the BEST! Karen

  22. I have to go with Courtesy of the Red White and Blue as well…

    Toby really tapped into the sentiment of the average American…the average American WAS the Angry American just after 9-11.

    I think TK nailed it on this one, lyrics and melody. The melodic development of the song kind of mirrors the building volcano of just American rage, starting softly, simmering and building until the explosive climatic line, puttin’ the boot to the enemy’s arse…

    The song is a cry for justice and vengence, but it is also a reminder of the sacrifice and devotion of the American soldier, and a testament to Patriotism that comes from the heart, as well as TK’s own life experience. “So we can sleep in peace at night when we lay down our heads”

    Karen, I’m sorry about your Dad, but extremely grateful for his service to our Country as well. I’m glad but not surprised that Toby was so compassionate with you as well.

    Not really a big TK fan anymore..musically at least. I still have great respect for the man, but I haven’t really liked his work since “Beer for my Horses”…That was melodic and clever…but most of his work now just sounds melodically redundant, and thematically vapid, to my ears anyway. That’s a shame, because Toby Keith has one of the best male voices in Country..

    Oh, I do love the duet he did with his daughter Crystal, “Mockingbird”…Crystal has an amazing voice, sultry and soulful.. and her Dad promised to support her calling as a singer after she finishes school…Looking forward to her inevitable debut!

  23. I’d just like to add that since I’m not a fan of Toby’s more recent work, I’m not interested in his current album either. Unless it is a radical departure and return to quality. Just had to weigh in about “Courtesy” though.

    And getting back to “The Angry American” (which I believe is the song’s subtitle)…I think this song has some parallels with Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address…now bear with me here, (and don’t laugh) not saying that schoolchildren should study this song or anything of the kind. Not nearly as eloquent as Lincoln’s masterpiece, and The Gettysburg Address is a work of healing by a President and Commander in Chief…Toby’s is a passionate and controversial call to arms from a Country singer, I realize that.

    But rather, both works are similar in brevity, and Patriotic content…both are the result of sudden inspiration from catastrophic violent events that affected the whole Country. And both celebrate the Patriotic and honorable impulse of the American soldier and by implication, the American citizen. And both works are, in their own succinct and self-contained way, perfect for what they are intended to be. And both are beyond our ability to “add or detract” .

  24. I am a Toby warrior and in my eyes the man get’s better with age. I love his song I ain’t as good as i once was. Toby and I are close in age and I can relate to what he was singing in the song. The video for the song was great also.

    I love his new CD and the song god love her is the one I like the best. Keep them coming Toby your warrior’s love you

  25. Toby is unique in the fact that he writes and records his own music so he knows exactly how it needs to sound to make it a hit. He sings so that you see the story in the song, whether it is a ballad or one of his bus songs.

    My favorite from his current CD is “Missing Me Some You”. I love the bluesy sound of his voice and its different from anything he has done on a CD so far. The soldier in the song realizes that he is connected to his loved one by just looking at the sky above him. It is really a cool thought.

    If you are asking about all time favorite, it would be We Were In Love, made a lot of good friends the week-end I saw that video along with the song. Always brings back memories. Love his voice in that song too!

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