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Randy Houser, “Boots On”

January 31, 2009 Kevin John Coyne 0

After a pretty much perfect debut single, Randy Houser returns with the opening song from his debut album. If he channeled Ronnie Dunn on “Anything Goes”, he sounds a lot closer to Trace Adkins on

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Alex Woodard with Sara Watkins, “Reno”

January 31, 2009 Guest Contributor 3

Alex Woodard and Sara Watkins continue the recent trend of rock/pop leaning artists dueting with country artists. For those who don’t know, Watkins was a member of the stellar Southern California-bred progressive bluegrass/acoustic trio, Nickel

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Discussion: Unplumbed Depths

January 30, 2009 Guest Contributor 71

Blake’s recent review of Carrie Underwood’s single, “I Told You So” touched on a simmering issue for me. Underwood clearly has a stellar voice, an appreciation for country music and has acquitted herself very well

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Country Music Awards of Australia

January 30, 2009 Guest Contributor 2

Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson cleaned up at the 37th CMAA Country Music Awards of Australia this past week. The couple acquired five Golden Guitar trophies, winning Album of the Year (Rattlin’ Bones), APRA Song

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Discussion: Down on the Farm

January 29, 2009 Guest Contributor 32

Songs about the family farm are a dying breed, with wide open spaces now making way for sprawling suburbia. This shift in society is gracefully handled in Trisha Yearwood’s “Dreaming Fields,” (“And the houses they

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Ben Kweller, Changing Horses

January 29, 2009 Guest Contributor 0

Ben Kweller Changing Horses He’s gone country, back to his roots.With Changing Horses, Ben Kweller shifts gears into a new groove, adding a touch of twang to his earnest tales of yearning. The Texas-bred bard,

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Recommend An Album

January 28, 2009 Leeann Ward 43

Perhaps I’m entirely too critical, but I’ve recently realized that there are precious few albums on which I can say I love every song. Even most of my favorite albums seem to contain one or

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