Chris Young, “Gettin’ You Home (The Black Dress Song)”

chris-youngI remain a fan. Chris Young has one of the finest traditional country voices to come along this decade, easily on par with Josh Turner’s.  He’s able to turn in performances that sound steeped in tradition without sounding dated.

“Gettin’ You Home (The Black Dress Song)” would have been a smash for Conway Twitty back in the day. Like the Twitty hits of yore, “Gettin’ You Home” is suggestive without being sleazy, and the second verse reveals that the young lady is just as eager to get back home as the gentleman who is serenading her.

These days, it seems that Turner and Blake Shelton are rivaling for the title of Country Romeo, but if radio gives this single some real estate, Young could give them a good run for their money.

Written by Cory Batten, Kent Blazy and Chris Young

Grade: A-

Listen: Gettin’ You Home (The Black Dress Song)



  1. I’m a big Chris Young fan, and what he does is pretty impressive, given the current state of pop country music. Of course, the flip of that is that he hasn’t had a hit yet. The fact that “Drinking Me Lonely” wasn’t a hit still stings a little bit, because I remember how stunned I was when I heard it on “Nashville Star”. I’m pretty sure that performance won the competition for him.

  2. Chris Young has such a rich voice and this song surely will curl the toes of all the ladies who listen! I predict a run on the ‘the little black dress’. I’ve always been a fan of Cory Batten and Kent Blazy tunes. This one is great!

  3. I would’ve given this a ‘B.’ I find the delivery a bit affected and the song less distinct than it should be with such a promising title. But I think he has so much potential (the falsettos in “Drinkin’ Me Lonely”? Awesome.) and actually gets what country music is about, so I hope this manages some serious airplay anyway.

  4. Leeann, it does NOTHING for you? Wow, have you listened to the words? Can you imagine a country hunk like Chris singing that song to you. It does something for me but I can’t mention it here. Great job, Chris!!! Hope this one climbs to the top.

  5. I just prefer others that are similar in style to this one. I think the lyrics get less interesting as the song progresses as well.

  6. When I first heard this song, it was at the 2007 National Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas. I also brought my hubby to his first Chris Young (full band) show. Chris was part of the ACM entertainment for the Rodeo that year. Lucky for us, he was doing two shows in between the Rodeo Events. We were able to hear this song twice. The first time, we heard it, we both loved it. WE JUST KNEW! The second time he played the song that night, we danced to it. It is a romantic, sexy love song, that curled my toes. And apparently my husband’s too cause he considers it one of his favorite Chris songs. Chris’s vocals are always so great…but when you combine it with the fact that he co-wrote this song with two AMAZING songwriters, just shows you the league he should be in. DML SHOULD have done it. I pray RADIO gets it and him. His talent deserves it.

  7. I love it !!! I have gotten to hear him sing this live and omgoodness this song is Hot and Chris does a amazing job singing it. I think Chris deserves just as much air play on the radio as Taylor Swift. Voices was a great song that everyone in the world could relate to and got very little air play. Chris has the voice to make it in Country music,if the radio stations would just play him more.

  8. “Gettin You Home” is just an amazin song sung by the most wonderfully talented artist I have ever met in my life. Either hearin Chris Young sing it live or on the radio this song has HIT written all over it. Granted RADIO didn’t pick up and play “Voices” the way they should have, I have no doubt what so ever, “Gettin You Home” is goin to be one of the most played and most requested songs of 2009.

    Chris Young has a voice and it’s goin to be around for a VERY long time….

  9. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM….what can I say, OMG, I’m in heaven, and his voice and this song rings in my ears, every day. If I’m down all I have to do is think about and sing this song, and I’m there, and Chris you are wonderfully talented. What an incredible subtly sexy song. Leaving now, grabbing my hubby, and thanks again Chris Young, YOU ROCK MY WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO MEET YOU IN PERSON SOMEDAY !!! Gettin you home is definitely a #1 chart buster! I want more!

  10. It’s funny that Black dresses seem to be the craze. A canadian singer came out with a song called little black dress at the beginning of summer. His name is Jerry Sereda I think. Check it out.

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