Review: The Lost Trailers, “How ‘Bout You Don’t”

lost-trailers“How about you don’t”, as in “how about you don’t leave me” seems like an arrogantly feeble argument to try to get someone to stay, don’t you think?

Well, that’s the point of The Lost Trailer’s latest single.The couple is fighting too much, the woman makes the proactive steps to leave and the man, somehow, thinks that saying “How about you don’t…” will diffuse the situation. He says: “But how about you don’t slam that door/Call it quits, throw your suitcase in that old Ford/Back the car out, make that right, hit the highway/Say goodbye, how about you don’t.”

That hardly seems like a sincere plea for reconciliation. Instead, it feels more like a half-hearted attempt at best. Moreover, it’s just not going to work on anyone with a shred of self confidence. In fact, it’s likely an attitude similar to this that landed him in this trouble in the first place. Instead of trying to display contrition, he violates a crucial rule of attempted reconciliation by unwisely pointing out: “I know I lose my temper/That’s when everything goes south/You do too, you know that it’s true…”

That’s right, Buddy, start another fight!

Considering the senseless lyrics (including the unoriginal “There ain’t no good in saying goodbye”), uninspired melody and bland production, this song serves no greater purpose than to be album filler. However, it, somehow, has been released under the guise of a viable single instead.

Written by Jeremy Stover, Stokes Nielson, Vicky McGehee

Grade: C

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  1. Wow you really must hate people or life. How about you try? How about love is not a feeling but an action and two people will always forget that and feel that they “lost that loving feeling” when it fact it was actions. It takes two to tango and that part about temper, is so true. My wife and I always got into it like that, then we realize that we were only trying to out scream each other and not trying to talk. Couples come into a relationship with false expectations, it would take a person years of wisdom to understand how to communicate with other people, and I am not talking about somebody you love. Nobody goes into a relationship as an “expert” on the opposite sex. The truth, the problem with today is, it is to easy to walk away. I am not talking about an abusive man or women, i am talking about couples with difficulties. I saw one women get up and go because the man she loved liked playing video games, when I asked did you ever tell him, she said NO…she said she lost that feeling and I said what are you doing to rekindle that feeling day in day out…truth be told we run to divorce like drinking a cup of water his song, makes sense…He doesnt beat her, doesnt abuse her…its a couple and marriages, hell relationships require work, day in and day out…get over it..

  2. Sometimes songs get recorded for reasons other than being the best the songwriting community has to offer, and in my opinion, this is one of them. It’s “OK,” but you just know there are more and better songs floating around that could have been cut instead. Nonetheless, I love the band.

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