Bomshel, “Fight Like A Girl”

bomshel1BomShel’s latest attempt to hit the radio airwaves is a three-act song that takes us through the hardships of a woman who is picked on as a girl, continuously hits the glass ceiling no matter how hard she works as a young woman and is then diagnosed with cancer in her middle age. The motivation that pulls her through these challenges is the inspirational words of her mother that encourage her to love herself enough to stand up to the adversity that she faces: “Love yourself/Give ‘em hell and fight like a girl.”

While these stories are certainly worthy situations to explore (particularly the glass ceiling), the execution just doesn’t work well enough to elevate the potentially clichéd lyrics to something fresh or memorable. To give the duo credit, their performance has heart, but ultimately lacks the grit that is expected in order to support or justify a title like “Fight Like A Girl.”

Grade: C

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  1. I totally disagree… The song and the performance are incredible and will be one of my favorites for life at this point. Kristy and Kelly nail it! They deserve to get their music out there. Go see them in concert. They put heart and soul into their performances. Even if you don’t know the story behind the song, it is one that many can relate to. Maybe the “glass celing” relates to you… The girl on the playground relates to some, and the woman with cancer certantly has affected a huge area of the population. Give em Hell girls!!

  2. I disagree with this review. This is a big song for Kristy and Kelley, and they’ve work hard to release a song like “Fight Like A Girl.” For once in a long time, country radio has out a brand new kick-ass chick song that’s not about heartache and cheatin’ boys. This is about real events happening today that need to be thought about. These girls are amazing live, and deserve the best for this song!

  3. This is an awesome song; I have a 34 year old friend that is fighting her second battle with breast cancer. She is a wife and mother of 4 great kids. This song gives us all hope and it is empowering for her. Don’t under estimate the power of a song. We can’t wait for the CD to come out.

  4. I Love this song. I heard it for the first time on the radio last week. I called my boss with Relay For Life (American Cancer Society Program) I said.. This will be played the night of Relay somewhere during a special moment! I have had 3 pass away to cancer and 1 is surviving! I LOVED it and there needs to be more songs like this! Fantastic Job!!!

  5. I hear this song for the first time just this last week and all three situations related to my life. My eight year old niece has boys picking on her at school, I am going through a divorce, and my mom is working hard and working her way up the ladder in a mans job. So I told my niece she is beautifula dn “Fight like a girl and give’em hell!” I reassured my mom I would do the same.

  6. This song is amazing!! the only thing am pissed about is that I can’t get it off of itunes!!
    I CANT WAIT for this song to get bigger!!

  7. I think this song is the hottest thing to hit radio in a long time. I was driving around the other day and heard the song. I could not get the chorus out of my head. I did not know who sang the song so Googled it. It has become my theme song. I was picked on as a young girl, went through a divorce, work in a mans world, and have lost a family member to cancer. I continue to fight ever day….like a girl!

  8. i understand that every ones entited to have there own opinion but wow come on theres nothing wrong with this song at all,this song means so much the lyrics like ”hold your head high dont ever let them define the light in your eyes love yourself give em hell” oh and ”with style and grace kick ass and take names”yeah! but my favorite part is when it gets to the cancer i almost cried now this is what your suppouse to do to cancer GIVE IT HELL not the other way around, this is one of my favorite songs love it!!!

  9. I’ve just gone through Breast Cancer, 16 rounds of chemo, surgery and I still have 6 weeks of everyday radiation to go through and this song rocks in my opinion….It ought to be the fight song for Breast Cancer, because what else can you do but fight like a girl?

  10. This song is an inspiration to me and many women in the world that are dealing with these problems I was picked on as a kid and I am still dealing with that today.I love this song and I think they need to play it more often on the radio.

  11. I heard this song for the first time Memorial Day weekend. We have a gal that created t-shirts with this statement on the back and the L in Girl is the PINK breast cancer ribbon. These shirts were made to raise money in 2004 and there is an annual all woman’s motorcycle ride. It’s a tough world and yes….we all need to fight like a GIRL!!!

  12. I happened on this song while channel surfing. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I have never felt the need to let an artist or anyone know what a song ment to me but this song touched me so powerfully I had to write it down. I can’t stop playing the song. It helps me remember I am strong and I will always fight. This song lets me acknowledge the fear of cancer spreading. Something I share with no one. I scream the words and it is healing. I loved the song so much I sent it to my neice who has had brain tumers and lives with that fear. She loves the message of the song as well.
    I will always “FIGHT LIKE A GIRL”

  13. I totally disagree with the article. The song is great. My friend Robin is currently fighting pancreatic cancer and this song completely encompasses how she is fighting this battle. Great job to Bomshel! This song truely shows the fighting spirit of women :)

  14. I’ll give Bomshel lots of credit for having classy fans. All of you disagree with my review, but have been super nice about it.

  15. Just saw the Bomshel at a small venue in Nebraska. They are a blast and I am ready to see them again in concert. They are my favorite band and I wish them the best. They have my #1 vote.

  16. I agree with your assessment that the song “lacks the grit” necessary to justify the lyric. It’s a great concept for a song and a great message, but it didn’t have the power in the delivery that I expected to back up that message. The song itself seems too soft to convey such a kickass attitude. Look forward to hearing more from this duo though.

  17. It’s a good concept for a song, and I’m sure it has touched some lives, but it doesn’t do much for the casual listener. Unless you’re a hardcore fan of Bomshel, or personally touched by the lyrics, the vocal performance is one that is very “blah”, and it’s one that will make you change your radio halfway through because it’s obvious how the song is going to end.

  18. Love the song! Music and lyrics touched a chord in me and I am forwarding this to everyone I know, country fan or not!

    Let’s all fight like a girl!!!!

  19. I am not a country fan normally and didn’t even know who Bombshel was, but this song holds my life in its palm. Picked on as a child, rising up the ladder in a man’s world, being diagnosed with breast cancer. I loved the voices, I loved the lyrics and I loved the softer tone of the song. You said the song lacked “grit.” I disagree, it was written from a woman’s perspective, for women and with a woman’s touch. Sometimes you don’t need to belt something out to get the message across. Give em hell, Bombshel.

  20. i think its the best ive herd in a long time. i relate to it as a former abused person who fought like a girl and ended up happy tried to find in stores when will it be tnere

  21. Leeann I have to agree with your review, the lyrics are good but half way through the song, I didn’t want to hear it any longer. The presentation just wasn’t there for me.

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