Jo Dee Messina, “Shine”

jo-dee-messinaJo Dee Messina’s singles generally into two categories: empowering anthems and sardonic kiss-off numbers. Her best singles, like “Bye Bye” and “Downtime”, are a little bit of both.

Given the title, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which type of song “Shine” is. She’s had enough of looking at the glass half empty and is now determined to live her life to the fullest, taking every moment that she can to shine.

It’s decent enough, but the problem with releasing so many songs in the same vein is that the new releases are invariably stacked up against the old ones. In this case, the comparison does “Shine” few favors.

It doesn’t feature the energetic spark normally associated with Messina’s spurts of positivity, and she sounds more resigned to her life rather than reinvigorated by it. It doesn’t help that the production has such little luster, a strange choice to make for a song that is trumpeting the sunny side of life.

Grade: B-

Listen: Shine


  1. Thanks for this review. Unfortunately, I agree with you. Not entirely sure what Messina’s record label is doing, but they are not doing her any favors.

  2. Is it just a coincidence that this one comes out just at the same time as Martina McBride’s album with the same title.

    Not sure about using old records as a negative as in:

    Like an old black vinyl record
    Same old sad song, never gets better

    I think there is something a little comforting in thinking of life as an old vinyl record.

  3. I don’t think she is saying anything negative about the vinyl record. Just that it plays the same song. Whether happy or sad once the vinyl record is pressed it only plays what is on there. The same with a CD.

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