William Ward joins Country Universe

I am proud to announce a new staff member at Country Universe!

William Ward has been a regular contributor to discussions on this site since his wife and CU editor Leeann Ward became a lead writer in early 2008. He is joining Country Universe in a special capacity. As Online Marketing and Publicity Director, he will be primarily responsible for promoting and publicizing Country Universe through various online outlets, including social networking sites.

Please join me in welcoming William Ward to Country Universe. Here is his bio:

William Ward is an Orientation and Mobility Specialist for the Maine Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired. He has earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in English and a Bachelor’s of Liberal Studies in Cultural Studies from the University of Maine, Presque Isle; he also completed a Master’s of Arts in Orientation and Mobility from Western Michigan University. William became Online Marketing and Publicity Director at Country Universe in March 2009.


  1. Welcome William! Always enjoyed reading your comments and I think you will be an excellent staff member as well.

    Nice to have a married couple in this capacity…as you know, we really appreciate Leeann here as well.

    All the best to some fellow New Englanders and country music fanatics! ;)

  2. Speaking of publicizing this place, have you ever thought about doing something to connect this place and places like Facebook and Twitter. I’m on Facebook and would add this group if there was one.

    Congrats Will.

    I do have a request though in terms of posts here. Whatever happened to “Recommend a Track” each week. I liked them because we got an opportunity to know what other people like and what they are listening to in recent weeks.

    That also leads me to something else that I’ve been observing here and places like 9513. It seems like on the Internet there are fans of independent music and those fans like to bash the stuff on Radio. Now I understand the idea of opinions and stuff and there is a lot on Radio is is crap (Rascal Flatts as an example), but there are some good stuff coming out. New artists getting a chance even if it might not be the country you’re listening to, and I think the idea of the genre expanding its fanbase is a good one. I do agree though that it is sad that while it’s expanding the fanbase, it’s slapping traditional fans in the face. When was the last time you heard Loretta Lynn, A country music legend, on Country Radio anyway? That’s why I like the recommend a Track posts. Because it gives me an idea of what people are listening to and what people like. How do you find new music. LastFM is nice, but it is kinda random a times. I would love to be introduced to new music, not just being told on a daily basis that the music I listen to currently sucks.

    Sorry for the long post in something that is probably a different topic, but just felt the need to get it off my chest.

  3. Ok, since I can’t edit posts, that sentence about being told the music sucks on a daily basis was a bit harsh and maybe a bit wrong. Still want to see a return of Recommend a Track though.

  4. If the reviews have been somewhat negative lately, it’s just a reflection of the singles that have been sent out in recent weeks. We’ve certainly praised a ton of radio singles over the past five years.

    Recommend a Track will be back this evening. Thanks for noticing its absence. It’s good to know which features our readers are looking for.

  5. WHAT?!? Leeann is married? Damn. So much for our wedding at the Hall of Fame and honeymoon at Dollywood…
    Congratulations anyway, William. heh heh…

  6. This will be fun! Bill’s been very supportive of and helpful to me with this thing that takes up so much of my mind and time in the past year. So, I’m personally excited that Kevin’s invited him to join us in an official capacity.

    While he’s not a country music fanatic like we are, he’s certainly come a long way since we first met. And I take full credit for the conversion, by the way.:)

    If I’d only known all my options…:)

  7. Oh, and Greg,

    I was just thinking about Recommend a Track the other night. I’ve got a few swimming around in my mind. Glad you like that feature.

    Sorry for the negative single reviews lately. I hope they can become more positive soon. I’d sure love to praise a radio single for a change.

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