Kenny Chesney, “Out Last Night”

kenny-chesneyKenny Chesney previews his second hits collection with a morning after anthem that is refreshingly devoid of confusion or regret. They didn’t have too much or too little fun, just enough to justify the lost sleep and diminished checking accounts.

The cast of characters that Chesney meets on his night out might not really exist anywhere in the real world in the same place and same time, but he’s made a career out of idealizing such experiences in his music. “Out Last Night” is more of a complement to the older hits on his upcoming collection than a preview of new things to come, though the production is a lot more Strait than Buffett this time around, and that’s not a bad thing.

Grade: B

Listen: Out Last Night


  1. Well Kevin I can agree that this tune leans more towards his older stuff thank God!!! I can’t agree with the B.

    I think the rapid fire tactic that he uses in releasing music, it is just too much Kenny too fast, and his music has been suffering for it.

  2. Didn’t Lucky Old Sun just come out like a minute ago?

    I actually don’t hate this song, though the lyrics are a bit strange and I doubt I’ll actually ever play it again on purpose.

  3. Hearing it one time was enough for me! I thought it sounded like it was “throwed together” in a night of heavy drinking or a rush to get a new song out for another album.

  4. I actually thought the same thing, John, about Gotta Little Crazy. I thought at first it was the same song and someone got the titles mixed up. Sorry Dallas, but Kenny Chesney does absolutely nothing for me! I know 100 other women might not think that though…isn’t that right, 100 he’s had..well that’s how many before 2002, I think. The number has probably risen since. Makes my skin crawl to think about it!

  5. This doesn’t make me cringe, but since we’re comparing it to Got a Little Crazy, I wish the latter was a single, rather than just a video.

  6. Out last night and Gotta Little Crazy. Are you on crack? there is no resemblance to the two songs whatsoever? how could you even think that? i dont see a resemblance what so ever. once again explain to me how you see this? i dont.

  7. There is no such thing as too much Chesney too fast! I think a lot of people wish they could crank out the number of hits Kenny puts out.

    Eric is right, this song will be an anthem this summer!

  8. THUMBS UP! This was so me in the 80’s (before I had to grow up!)out drinkin all night and havin a ball, then doing it all again the next night! I can relate to this some!! LOVE IT!

  9. This song is great! It will be a hit for sure. I wish they would play it on the radio more. Kenny hope to see ya on your stop in Greenville, SC this year!

  10. i love it!!! i love kenny!! hes my man! screw all you people who dont like it or him. hes theeee best, i want more. its not too much too fast at all :)

  11. I gotta say I met this guy back in 1992 in a little bar in Memphis and knew right then he was someone special. As for the song goes im a 42yr guy that still hasn’t grown up and don’t plan on it anytime soon. This song like most all of his hits a part of me that I relate to. I have friends like myself that are married with great jobs and no kids and when we go out its usually a trip to Cancun or someplace like and the trip always ends up just like this song. WE LOVE YA KENNY!! Keep on pumping out of life the way we live in down in Tennessee…

  12. Can’t go wrong playing Kenny at a party. This song is a great summer anthem, and I think its perfect timing! I hope he keeps putting out CDs. They are always full of great songs and you’re never disappointed. Why don’t you KC haters try going out Tonight and enjoy yourself, and stop thinking of ways to complain?!

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