Jack Ingram, “Barefoot and Crazy”

Bryan Adams with a mild twang.

I can imagine this sounding really great cranked up loudly, should you have an open road to tear down in the early days of summer. That said, this is virtually indistinguishable from anything you could hear on an oldies station that focuses on eighties light rock.

If that description piques your interest, then this is the song for you. If your interest in such music begins and ends with “Summer of ’69”, there’s little reason to check this one out.

Grade: C

Listen: Barefoot and Crazy



  1. I’m not totally crazy over his most recent singles. “That’s a Man” is decent, but typical Nashville material. I do like “Barefoot” better, but it still sounds similar to “Man”, production-wise and vocally.

    The singles/music off his last album were much better. Hopefully the songs on his upcoming one are different than the singles. The Jeffrey Steele influence is not a good sign, but I’ll buy it anyway.

  2. what happened to the Jack Ingram that was so popular here in Texas? oh, that’s right he went Nashville. grrr…get back to your roots Jack! He’s playing after a Texas Rangers game on the 18th that I’m thinking about going to. Hope he plays some of his older stuff! New stuff isn’t that great.

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