George Strait Goes Platinum…Again

george-straitGeorge Strait’s Troubadour has been certified platinum, his 33rd album to reach that sales mark.

How rare is this accomplishment? He trails only Elvis Presley (45) and The Beatles (39) among all recording artists.

Strait’s nearest country competitors are Alabama (20), Reba McEntire (19), Kenny Rogers (19) and Garth Brooks (16).

George Strait is one of those artists that I buy every album of. I remember being amazed how many albums he already had released when I became a fan in the nineties.  It’s good to see him still going strong.

How many Strait albums do you own? What other artists do you buy every release from?


  1. I’ve recently acquired most of Strait’s discography through a friend, but I’ll admit that I’ve only personally purchased two studio albums of his, which are his latest two. I have his Latest, Greatest, Straitest Hits and the box set as well.

    As for other artists I own all albums from? That would be a long list that would be boring for everyone to read. As I’ve said before, I’m a completest when I like an artist. So…

  2. I have 12 George Strait albums, starting with ‘Pure Country’ and plan on getting more whenever I come across them. I havent heard a bad album of his and each one is consistently good.

  3. I have every studio album Dolly has released – including her duet ablums with Porter. I even own the 8-track, cassette, and CD to go along with the releases that happened to stay in print long enough to see all formats.

  4. I also collect George Strait albums and have every single release except for Easy Come, Easy Go and George Strait as they are currently out of print. I own the entire output of a few other artists but the only one as extensive and impressive as George Strait’s is my Reba one.

  5. I own about 10 of his albums plus the box set. I own every album from mostly rock and alt-country groups/artists… Guns n’ Roses, Son Volt, Whiskeytown, Ryan Adams, Metallica, Lucero, etc. I’d personally like to see someone collect the Willie discography.

  6. I think it is Leann. Amazon lists it as discontinued by the manufacturer but if you have a link for where I can buy it (or George Strait) new, please send it to me! Thanks! :)

  7. Well…I have every studio set from Strait, but I by and large didn’t bother with the GH collections — why buy songs you already have? I did buy the Latest Greatest Straitest for Murder On Music Row, though, and I do have the box set, but that’s about the time I really started getting into Strait. I probably still would have gotten it for those unreleased cuts; the full “Milk Cow Blues” jam alone made it worth the coin for me. Up until Like Red On A Rose, I bought every album from Alan Jackson as well. I bought Good Time the day it came out and it was pretty good, but not quite as good as Who I Am or Drive.
    Trailer — Metallica’s a favorite of mine as well, though I didn’t care much for what came after the self-titled “black” album, which is sorta odd as that’s the cd that turned me on to them. I have everything from them except for Kill ‘Em All and Re-Load; I just haven’t gotten around to getting KEA, but I got Load for Christmas one year and had it not been for that I don’t think I’d have bothered with it. I listen to Ride, Master and Justice more than anything else in their catalog, though Death Magnetic is catching up fast. I think that’s the best thing they’ve done since Justice, to be honest.

  8. I have most of George Stait’s albums. I also have all of Reba’s, and everything Dolly has released since 1983. I have most of Tanya Tucker’s stuff, including everything she did for Capitol, other than the hits compilations.

    Like Leann, I tend to be a completist with artists I like, but a lot of my favorites have been around so long, a lot of their stuff was already out of print by the time I was old enough to start buying music.

  9. I know I am a HUGE minority here, but I own ZERO….Not because I dont like him, he has just never released a single that has drove me to the store to buy an album. I dont know what it is, but his music has never appealed to me, but i cant say i dislike him or anything??

    I of course own every Trisha Yearwood album, all of which have been bought on their release date. Other artists I own the catalogs of are, Dixie Chicks, K.T. Oslin, Patty Loveless, Josh Turner,there are alot that are only missing an album or two but just those I have the entire catalog of.

  10. I have Every G.S. Record (including hits collections outside of the box set) from 1992 aside from his live with Alan Jackson and Buffett album.

    Collin Raye is an artist I own every album he’s done (including his childrens album and I’ve even gone so far as to get many of the compilations he’s been on). Also add Brad Paisley to that list. I used to, honestly, buy a majority of the country albums that came out prior to my current situation where I get them for promo reasons.

  11. I have every George Strait original release album plus the original release hits collections, the box set and Christmas albums. I don’t have CDs such as the Millennium Masters reissues or any foreign issues. I purchased my first Strait album on vinyl

    I buy everything that comes out by Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, Gene Watson, Amber Digby and Merle Haggard

    With the older artists it’s hard to be sure one has everything the artist issued. If you leave Christmas and Gospel albums out of the equation, I’m complete (in some format or another) on Merle Haggard, Webb Pierce, Ernest Tubb, Jack Greene, Johnny Bush, Buck Owens, Connie Smith. There are dozens of other artists for whom I’m not missing much.

    Then there are artists such as Johnny Cash, George Jones and Willie Nelson who were so prolific that it’s hard to keep track of everything they have issued. I have staggering numbers of albums for all three and know I am not close to being complete on any of them (I’m about 80% complete on Cash thanks to two Bear Box sets and a great Sun Years anthology received as Christmas presents), maybe 60% on Willie and George

  12. The only artist I am sure I have everything she ever recorded is Reba. I’ve bought charity CDs and special releases she’s been featured on, soundtracks, countless compilations and even other artists’ CDs that she sings on. All in all, I think I have 112 Reba or Reba-related CDs (at last count).

    And like some of the other commenters, I am close to having complete collections from Strait (save a few 80s albums), Trisha Yearwood (she has bonus songs on foreign releases that I don’t have and I didn’t buy MCA’s 2008 Hits CD), Conway Twitty (another prolific catalog), and Dolly Parton (though I think I have everything she’s released after 1977). Other artists whose catalogs aren’t as large are easier and I have all the albums from Lee Ann Womack, Sugarland, Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, and Mary Chapin Carpenter.

  13. I think I just have two GS albums, Troubador and 50 Greatest Hits.

    If I really like an artist, It is usually enough for me to own their “greatest hits” or “best of” albums, in addition to some additional ones, perhaps that are especially well acclaimed by the critics. Emmylou Harris would be an example of this, I have her Warner/Reprise Anthology, and also Roses in the Snow, and Blue Kentcky Girl and a few others…I try to focus on Emmylou’s Country and Bluegrass stuff only.

    There are a very few, however that I really feel the need to own their complete collections, and they are for me, Patty Loveless, Sara Evans, and Brad Paisley..

    I own Patty and Sara’s complete catalogs, as well as Brad Paisley’s. (it was a lot easier to compile Brad and Sara’s five or so albums than Patty’s 20 or so, ;)) And with Patty and Sara, I think I have most every duet, collaboration, and compilation appearance from each of these artists, including Sara’s Early Years CD.

    This can be an expensive passion we all have here, and especially lately, I really need to watch my budget and choose very carefully!

  14. Reba has definitely become an expensive habit for me, Steve, so I can relate there. I’ve spent way too much money buying vinyl LPs, cassettes, etc. of the same albums I already had on CD. Add to that my large collection of magazines with Reba on the cover, cardboard stand-ups, posters, a metal sign that says ‘Reba McEntire Blvd’ and countless other tour books, photo booklets, and other memorabilia, and you end up with a collection that costs way more than it’s worth to anybody but yourself.

    But I think it’s worth it in the long run. I sure wouldn’t take my money back for my collection.

  15. I hear ya J.R.,

    Wow, that’s quite an impressive collection of all things Reba you have there..

    The Patty, Brad and Sara stuff I’ve accumulated are now within my budget, (although I may be still paying for them with my credit card bills and all) But I don’t regret these purchases at all.

    But my ambitions for expansion beyond these artists will have to be curtailed somewhat, for the time being anyway. I’m really looking forward to Brad’s new album on Tuesday, and will MAKE room in the budget for that one! ;)

  16. I own 12 of George’s cds but between my brother, mom, and I we own his entire catalog including his box set and his live from the houston astrodome album.

    I don’t really have full catalogs of many artists…not sure if Carrie Underwood counts haha But I do have all of the Dixie Chicks albums. I need to start completing more artist’s catalogs!

  17. George Strait is also making news here:

    For Immediate Release:
    Dr BLT Music

    One’s a Nashville superstar, the other, a Bakersfield underdog. Both share a spirit of boldly crossing culture/genre boundaries with their music. These two have created the greatest culture shock waves in country music since Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam released Homer Joy’s Streets of Bakersfield over 30 years ago.

    Both have recently released songs that have sent culture shock waves through country music, George Strait with this one:

    and Dr BLT with his country arrangement of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”:

    Billie Jean
    Dr BLT and Penny Marie
    (also features Kim McAbee)

    from the CD, From Buck Owens Blvd. to Merle Haggard Drive
    (hit “music” link and go to songs from CD, From Buck Owens Blvd. to Merle Haggard Drive.

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