Get Keith Urban’s “Song for Dad” for free on Amazon

Keith UrbanAs children, it’s common to think that we’ll never be like our parents. In some cases, we think we’ll never do the annoying or strange things that our parents did, as Brad Paisley sang about in “Yes You Will”, and there are other times when we think that we’ll never be as smart or as good as our parents. If we’re lucky, there comes a day when we see our parents in ourselves and can either eradicate certain behaviors and traits or embrace them, depending on the similarities we see.

In Keith Urban’s, “Song for Dad”, he celebrates the similarities that he realizes exist between him and his dad. Likewise, he hopes that he becomes more like his dad as other circumstances arise, particularly when he himself becomes a father. In a similar sentiment to Paul Overstreet’s “Seeing My Father in Me”, Urban embraces being like his father and is grateful for the legacy.

In celebration of Father’s Day, Amazon is offering “Song for Dad” as their Free Song of the Day. So, let us know your favorite song about Dad and then head over to Amazon and grab this touching tribute to dads for free.


  1. My favourite song about dad is ‘The Best Day’ by George Strait. The lyrics always make me think of my own dad.

  2. I’ve always loved this song by Keith Urban ever since the first time I heard it! It struck home because it’s so true! As a young person never wanting to be like your parent and then as you grown older you begin to see similarities between you and them and you think well, they’re not so dumb after all!! lol!!

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