Tanya Tucker Testimonials: Win A Copy of Tanya Tucker’s New Album


Update: Michael, Dee, T Partridge, Paul Dennis, Chris, and Annie are the randomly selected winners of this give away.  Congratulations.  I will be contacting each of you for your addresses.  Thank you all for your participation.  Check in later this week for another give away. If you haven’t already, be sure to comb through the Tanya Tucker spotlight at My Kind of Country (linked below).  

Thanks to the good people at Gigante Media, Country Universe is pleased to announce that we’re giving away five copies of the anticipated Tanya Tucker album, My Turn, which will be officially released on June 30.

My Turn is an album of covers sung by one of country music’s finest vocal interpreters, which will surely be a wonderful tribute to songs of country music’s past.

To get an idea of what to expect, you can listen to some tracks from the upcoming album here. You can also visit our friends at My Kind of Country to read their excellent and thorough coverage of Tanya Tucker who happens to be their spotlight artist for the month and, incidentally, are giving away copies of the album as well.

Any comment regarding Tanya Tucker will enter you into the random drawing, but if you’re looking for some direction, you can either tell us how a certain song of Tanya’s personally effects you in the form of a Tanya Tucker Testimonial or come up with a cool sentence or phrase about Tanya that involves clever alliteration.

You have until Friday, June 26 to enter the drawing, which will close at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, which should increase the chances of getting the album to you by release day.


  1. I’ve really liked just about everything Tucker has released and my favorite songs are probably “Lizzie and the Rainman” and “Soon”. My first memories of her music come from my mom playinig the Strong Enough to Bend cassette in her kitchen radio.

  2. Tanyna Tucker takes the twang tunes to the tweens. The tweens then take Tayna to the top. The tweens turn towards Tayna, terminating Taylor’s torchured tenor totally. This teaches those tweens the traditional talent, tantalizing tunes that told the truth to the throng.

  3. I love Tanya but have never gotten my hands on an album of her’s, I have quite a few singles in my library but not a whole album. “Two Sparrows In A Hurricane” has to be one of my favorite songs ever.

  4. I remember hearing “Delta Dawn” on the radio in the summer of 1972 and thinking “Wow ! – this is a 13 year old!” And she kept getting better. As I’ve said elsewhere, Tanya problem is the most consistant female country performer ever, in terms of the quality of her singles

    My favorite ? “Daddy and Home”, from the Jimmie Rodgers repertoire

  5. The first time I heard Tanya – I was 10. Up to that point all of the country music that I had heard was stuff that my mom liked – Hank Snow, Ray Price, etc. Even though Tanya was only a few years older than me – she sounded like a grown woman. Needless to say – I was impressed! Tanya Tucker is the reason that I fell in love with country music. My favorite TT song is “San Antonio Stroll”. It reminds me of my mom. Every 10 year should be so lucky to discover someone like Tanya…I can’t wait to hear the new CD!

  6. Sorry – I meant “Every 10 year old should be so lucky to discover someone like Tanya”. It’s early here on the west coast! ; )

  7. Oh I love all of Tanya’s songs. I think she is a wonderful country artist. Loved the song walkin shoes. She was kinda a wild child in the past,but you’ve gotta hand it to her, she’s done great. She is def one of country’s finest ladies.

  8. I have many Tanya CDs, and listen to them often – unlike today’s glut of cookie-cutter country phonies, Tanya is the real deal…Plus she looks smoking hot on the cover of her new CD…finally looking like her old sexy self again!

  9. i love tanya and im so glad she is back! i heard a preview of this cd and it is the best!!! i love her version of “big,big love” !

  10. im so excited about this cd- tanya tuckers “my turn” cd is going to be great! i have heard samples and i love her “walk through this world with me” reminds me of my husband! i plan on telling everyone i know about this upcoming cd!!!

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