Trailer Choir, “Rockin’ the Beer Gut”

Trailer Choir“Rockin’ the Beer Gut” is a somewhat intriguing, but mostly, repulsive title and theme for a song. While I’m all for singing for the working class, I can’t say this aspect of it needed much coverage in a country song or any song for that matter.

A song like this at least needs a catchy melody, unique production or riveting lyrics. Instead, the melody and production are painfully predictable and the lyrics are inane with no redemptive cleverness (which not so coincidentally name check’s the group’s label boss, Toby Keith).

If I felt like stretching, I could credit Trailer Choir for embracing women who aren’t afraid to rock their “beer guts” and wax philosophical about society’s unreasonable body image expectations, but I’m just not feeling quite so generous today. Furthermore, I don’t quite believe this song is the one to get the discussion rolling.

Grade: D

Listen: Trailer Choir, “Rockin’ the Beer Gut”


  1. I love this song. It’s nice to know that ALL people don’t care what size you are. This is a fun group and very sweet. Vinny is BIG and one of the nicest guys you would ever meet. It’s a fun song, guess you don’t like fun. Society is too down on what size a woman should be. Have you listened to any of their other songs? Try listening to WHAT WOULD YOU SAY.

  2. Thoughts as I listen:
    — Wow, this lead singer can’t sing. He also sounds like the singer of A Simple Plan.
    — Like you said, predictable melody and production.
    — Completely unnecessary boss reference, again like you said.

    I stopped listening at 1:23; I couldn’t take any more. I like fun songs; this song is about as fun as a root canal.

  3. Just saw them live tonight in Greeley CO. They’re actually not a bad live band, but they played this song twice. Pretty much sums up where their career is headed.

  4. A root canal is more fun than this song. The lead singer can’t sing. The lyrics are moronic . The music dull.

    And this song certainly doesn’t deserve credit for discussing society’s “unreasonable body image expecations.”

    While the ultra thin women that the media portrays as models are unrealistic, there is little to celebrate in being overweight. Its not good to be obsessed with being skinny, but its not good to be fat either.

    Also, this whole band has a freakshow or sideshow vibe. I wish them total failure and hope their musical careers bomb the big one.

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