Sarah Buxton, “Outside My Window”

Sarah BuxtonHow depressingly generic. Sarah Buxton has one of the most distinctive and interesting voices I’ve ever heard, but you’d never know it from listening to “Outside My Window.”

Here, she sounds like any one of the countless 21st century country acts who have to put all their effort into getting close enough to being on key for auto-tune to fix it. There are layers of backing instruments and vocalists crowding out her vocal so that it’s barely there.

I can understand the need to do this for most of the Johnny- and June-come-lately acts, but Buxton can actually sing. She has a refreshingly idiosyncratic approach to delivering her songs. To water her down until she sounds like everyone else is to defeat the purpose of having her around in the first place.

Grade: C

Listen: Outside My Window


  1. I know what you mean. I’d imagine she has to be in a tough spot because it’s been almost 3 years and Lyric Street has yet to release an album. From keeping up with her blogs and fan interaction it seems as if she’s trying every route she can think of to make a name for herself to be able to break through.

    This song could be an attempt at “popping” up her sound to try and break through on country radio so she can actually get an album out. The song itself, while not my favorite of hers, is better than mediocre it’s just the production of it that really seems to water down the sound she’s already developed. It’s quite a drastic change from her last single “Space”.

    I hope something helps break her through because the masses of country music fans are really missing out. Also, she needs to do a show in Minneapolis sooner than later.

  2. I’m sorry, but I’m not sold on Sarah Buxton. Her voice is really good, and very different I agree. I keep hearing that she’s a great songwriter, but I feel like she just takes the fad subject matter of the moment and just says them better. Conceptually she’s still running with the pack, and she seems to be lost in the heard. ‘Space’ is her best so far, and it is a well written song, but its just another kiss-off song. lets hear some real songwriting and go for a loyal following rather than try for a radio hit. Like Holly Williams.

  3. Space was really good, but this is just mediocre at best. Sarah Buxton really needs to breakthrough so she can finally get an album out.

  4. Space was a horrible song. Uninspired and boring writing. She also used the phrase, “space” way to many times throughout. Shame too because the concept for the song was real good.

    Also how can people complain about being auto tuned and going for the pop sound? Her song That Kind of Day already did the same thign

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