Great Songs: Trisha Yearwood and Babyface, “Take a Bow”

It’s not like we’re short on evidence that Trisha Yearwood can sing anything well, but I stumbled on one of my favorite examples of this truth earlier in the evening:

Take A Bow – Babyface and Trisha Yearwood

A great take on one of my favorite songs.


  1. [shameless bragging] I was there when that happened! Great concert. [/shameless bragging]

  2. Madonna may have done the song justice, but I think that is probably the best cover of the song that anyone has done or will ever do of “Take A Bow”.

    Dan, I really wish I could’ve been at the concert when she performed it!

  3. It’s the only time I’ve heard Madonna covered where it rivaled the original. Because she writes her own stuff, it’s hard for someone else to take ownership of it, especially when they stick close to the original’s melody and arrangement.

    But it’s Trisha, and Trisha can do anything.

  4. The Trisha Yearwood phenomenom…….She can sing anything by anyone….No matter who the legend was that orignally sang the song, be it Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline, or even her peers like Reba. She makes the song her own. I have mp3’s of alot of her cover songs and all are excellent. And I have this CMT Crossroads on DVD, a treasure!

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