The Civil Wars

In August 2009, I wrote about The Civil Wars, an unsigned country-folk duo that I discovered through a friend.

Um, they have the #12 album in the country this week.

Maybe 2011 won’t be so bad after all.

Let’s celebrate with a little “Poison & Wine.”



  1. “Um, they have the #12 album in the country this week.”

    Too funny.

    They’re a word-of-mouth marvel, and one imagines they’ll keep growing from here (especially with a recent Taylor Swift endorsement). It’s part of the new real world, as also demonstrated by Mumford & Sons: traditional radio play or no, good music with the right web presence will find its audience.

  2. I heard about and listened to this song a long time ago thanks to Aimee Mayo’s Twitter feed. If I recall, her husband co-wrote the song. She wouldn’t be quiet about it. Haha. I know a lot of non-country fans who discovered them that way. Like Dan said, a word-of-mouth marvel.

  3. Jonathan,
    That’s probably the case, but it’s cool that people are liking the free download enough to buy the album.

    Ever since you introduced them to us, we’ve loved them and have gotten others into them as well.

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