Twelve Songs of Christmas: Day Four

Song #4: White Christmas

Garth Brooks

For the ultimate version of this song, it’s hard to go wrong with Bing Crosby. But Garth’s jazzy, laid-back take on “White Christmas” is pretty excellent too. Fun fact: This song loses a lot of its charm once you’ve spent a Christmas night with your heart in your throat driving home after a blizzard but before the salt trucks have come out. – Sam



Bing Crosby

I’ve searched high and low for a superior version, but no one can top the ultimate version of “White Christmas”. It’s beautiful, it’s calming and it’s perfect. – Leeann



Lari White

One of the reasons I’m not crazy about Christmas music is that so much of it ends up produced in the same vanilla, tasteful-to-a-fault kind of soft rock manner, and White’s rendition does have that problem. Fortunately, it does get points for a prominent steel guitar line and for having an over-the-top, campy choir kick in during the second verse.

But, more importantly, it’s also a showcase for White’s incomparable voice: In terms of power, range, control, and richness of tone, she’s easily one of the finest singers country music has ever been lucky enough to claim. The catastrophically poor taste of the “Wild at Heart” video pretty well killed her career, but her version of this holiday standard does still score her some seasonal recurrent airplay. – Jonathan


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  1. I saw Lari White earlier this year and she still sounds great, but I’ll have to go with the Crosby version here. My mother had a lot of Crosby’s music on 78 rpm records so it may have been the first Christmas record I ever heard. It is, as Leeann said, beautiful, calming and perfect.

  2. I like the Lari White version best out of the 3 but my favorite is Reba’s! that neo traditionalist sound from her late 80s albums does wonders for a song that everybody and their cousin has recorded!

  3. Great choice with Garth Brooks! I’ve been listening to his The Magic of Christmas album for years, and “White Christmas” has always been a favorite.

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