Single Review: James Wesley, “Walking Contradiction”

(No, it’s actually not a new Starburst jingle)

  • “People want to know where I stand…”
  • “I go to the church
  • “I go to bars
  • “I read the Word
  • “The Stars and Stripes are in my heart”
  • “Love my Momma
  • Hell raising Christian”
  • “I like my country mixed with a litle rock
  • “I plant my corn in rows”
  • “Hell I drive a Ford
  • We are who we are, and we are what you see”

Does that tell you all you need to know?  Hey, at least this time we’re spared the namedropping.

Grade:  C

Listen:  Walking Contradiction


  1. I can’t believe you, Ben. Didn’t James Wesley give you everything you ever wanted? Love you like crazy? Let’s be honest. Didn’t he?

  2. …oh yeah, about the song – fb and twitter have entered country music songwriting. perhaps, mentioning a prius might have added a nice twist to the contradiction theme of the song, which otherwise might get completely overlooked, if it hadn’t been pointed out in the title prominently.

    still, not the absolute worst addition to that inevitable “dirt roads & bonfires” compilation that’s lurking somewhere out there on music row.

  3. I just heard this song on the radio and love it! I think it is the best song from James Wesley to date. It is upbeat and I think people can relate to the lyrics. I can’t believe the review this guy wrote…I guess everybody is entitled to their opinion…

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