Single Review: Kix Brooks featuring Joe Walsh, “New to This Town”

I’ve always liked Kix as a singer, so I was happy to see that this single exists. He’s got one of those modest-but-charming Everyman voices, the kind that makes every song feel like a conversation with your ol’ pal.

He also sounds positively thrilled to flex it for us again, which is just infectious. Listen to how he relishes every note of “New to This Town,” like he doesn’t want waste a moment of this reintroduction. Love that! I love that.

Just want to hear it on a different song. This one’s got some good bones – the main chorus cadence (before it becomes a crutch), the theme of wishing you could rewrite a history gone wrong. But the first verse about the younger man doesn’t set up a compelling launching pad for the rest of the song, and I don’t know if I buy Kix Brooks with this sound – pulsing verses, big rock chorus. Plus, the subject matter invites comparison to Tim McGraw’s dazzling “Old Town New,” and there aren’t a lot of songwriters who can go head-to-head with Bruce Robison or Darrell Scott, much less the two of ’em together.

So as an appetizer, I can’t say it kix ass but…….! (I’m done writing forever.)

Written by Kix Brooks, Marvin Green & Terry McBride

Grade: B-



  1. I might really like “New to This Town” in the hands of a better vocalist. I’ll pass on Kix’s version. Karly over at 145 mentioned Kix’s “thin voice”. (There’s a good reason why Ronnie Dunn sang lead on most of B&D’s singles.) Admittedly, part of the problem on this song could be the pulsing verses and big rock chorus you mentioned.

    I’ve enjoyed almost all of Ronnie’s new album. His current single, “Let the Cowboy Rock”, is one of the exceptions.

  2. B sounds about right. Strangely enough, although I will concede that Ronnie Dunn has the better voice, most of my favorite B&D tracks featured Kix on vocals. Go figure

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