Single Review: Trace Adkins, "Them Lips (On Mine)"

This will make a great commercial for Pringles potato chips or something.

Just animate the chips to dance and sing.  It'll be the California Raisins all over again.

As for how it works as a standalone country song?  I'll just remind myself that Tom Shapiro co-wrote this and Trace Adkins sang this and pretend “Them Lips” never happened.

Written by Jim Beavers and Tom Shapiro

Grade: D

Listen: Them Lips (On Mine)



  1. Not too long ago I remarked that 2012 was shaping up to be a surprisingly decent year for country singles. Now here comes a slew of turdpiles (“Corn Star,” “Fastest Girl In Town,” and now this) to make me eat my words. Yup, I asked for it.

  2. It’s no Ala-Freakin’-Bama. Thoroughly listenable in comparison. But it doesn’t really say or do anything interesting either.

    Oh well.

  3. I’ve had an i-Tunes gift card sitting on my desk for almost 3 months now. Since I plan on buying the physical cd for the new Zac Brown Band album, I may still have the card for another 3 months before I make a purchase. Maybe I’ll have to look into some Australian or Canadian country music. While I liked quite a bit of Trace’s early material, this Lips song I wouldn’t download if it was free.

  4. Now here comes a slew of turdpiles (“Corn Star,” “Fastest Girl In Town,” and now this) to make me eat my words. Yup, I asked for it.

    “Fastest Girl In Town” goes in the same category as “Corn Star”? I’ve read all the scathing reviews and everything, but is it really that bad? Nothing by Miranda Lambert should be lumped in with “Corn Star,” if you ask me. And as far as Trace Adkins, just the title of the song is enough to keep me away. This guy is a perfect example of great voice meets awful, awful material.

  5. I was using the two songs as somewhat random examples. In general, I agree that “Corn Star” is worse than “Fastest Girl,” but both are poor records, and there’s little use in evaluating the worth of one piece of junk over another. Either way, there’s really no getting around the fact that Miranda has been operating far below the quality standards she once had.

  6. …with such a knack for jingly stuff, one wonders, why they went for ashton kutcher to replace charlie.

    simplicity can lead to greatness. that’s not exactly the case here, however, “kinda catchy” ain’t such a bad result either.

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