Single Review: Florida Georgia Line, "Cruise"

My natural inclination is to hate any song that employs the word “bikini” right in the opening verse, but there might actually be a decent feel-good country rock jam in here somewhere.

The 80’s drum machines need to go.  They do not sound good.  But the generous amounts of dobro and banjo seem to add a lot to it, with both instruments being well-suited to the relaxed good-time vibe the song attempts to create.  As literal and one-dimensional as the lyrics may be, they don’t necessarily preclude a song’s ability to connect on a ‘fun fluff’ level, and even a mediocre song can be easier to take if the artist delivering it sounds like he believes in it.

The boys of Florida Georgia Line here sound like they honest-to-God can’t wait to roll those windows down and do some cruising.  The song likewise connects solidly on a melodic level.  The production may be a little too much, and the lyrics may be rudimentary, but between the absorbing singalong-friendly melody and lively performance, the song has a couple of big things going in its favor.


less-is-more approach would likely have been more effective in creating the song’s intended mood.  But even at the very least, the song definitely has some good guilty pleasure cred going for it.

Written by Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard, Joey Moi, Chase Rice, and Jesse Rice

Grade:  B


  1. Every single person who has heard this song has spent the rest of the day singing the chorus in their head. This is an indisputable fact.

  2. If this song came out a few years ago I would probably be more open to enjoying, as it stands though the content is SO overdone and SO tiring at this point I just cant get into it at all. Enough with all the freaking songs about dirt roads, trucks and hot girls in bikini’s. Ugh.

  3. …you’re never overdressed in a bikini. no wonder it became a staple in any decent country music clip. apart from perhaps a christmas album, there’s hardly any place a bikini doesn’t fit in one way or another. this tune is no exception to the rule. rather catchy.

    igloo? granted.

  4. First off, the song…I like the kinda earthy feel to it. Grade: B

    Now, Tim: “apart from perhaps a christmas album, there’s hardly any place a bikini doesn’t fit in one way or another.” I wonder if you may have jsut started a new trend for songwriters who might try to write a really different holiday song.

  5. I agree with what Mike said above that had this song been something released several years ago it would sound fresh and interesting to the ears. As the country market is today, it is just more overkill in a crowded market.

    I’m almost never a fan of music with drum machine’s, save American Honey by Lady A for some odd reason, but it doesn’t completely kill this song for me. It’s catchyness to drum machine use ratio tips it just into the favorable category. While I haven’t thought of downloading it yet, assuming FM radio plays it next summer, it may be one might actually catch on more next summer. For now though, it’s a toe-tapper-hand-clapper that I’ll forget about until FM radio reminds me of it next year.

  6. I cant believe no one is asking about the openning line.

    baby, you a song. I am a song writer and a singer. I dont want to sing this song until I understand what the hell these guys mean by baby, you a song. And I cant find anyone talking about a line that makes no sense. Is this ebonics or what.

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