Single Review: Keith Urban, “Little Bit of Everything”

Little-Bit-of-Everything-Keith-Urban Keith Urban launches his upcoming new album Fuse with a little ditty called “Little Bit of Everything,” written by The Warren Brothers with pop singer-songwriter Kevin Rudolf.

The energetic performance and the singalong-friendly melody contain traces of the organic quality that has marked Urban’s best songs in this vein.  Frustratingly, the effect is dampened by an annoying drum machine and a lack of a strong hook (a deficiency for which the “na na na”s don’t quite compensate).

The bigger problem is a set of sloppy lyrics that mindlessly stumble about with no discernible point.  Between Urban singing about wanting to “hang a disco ball from an old oak tree” one moment and then wanting to “take a whole box of Cuban cigars and smoke ’em nice and slow like they were good for me,” it’s hard to make sense of what’s coming out of the man’s mouth.  At a time when country music’s respect for women is not at a high point, lines about wanting “a cool chick who’ll cook for me but still dance on the bar in her tan bare feet and do what I want when I want and she’ll do it with me” feels distasteful as well as unoriginal.

Is it a love song?  Is it a song about enjoying the simple pleasures of life?  It’s hard to tell where exactly the writers intended to go with it, but it sounds a lot more like “too much nothing” than “a little bit of everything.”

Written by Brad Warren, Brett Warren, and Kevin Rudolf

Grade:  C


  1. Great review of a mediocre song. I usually love Keith Urban. I think he’s been one of the consistent bright spots in country music, but he really missed with this one.

    But hey, look on the bright side. At least he isn’t trying to rap.

  2. Great review Ben. I was thinking along the same lines; I still have no idea what Keith is trying to say during this song. More than anything, I’ve been looking forward to new music from Keith for so long and I’m so disappointed that this is such an underwhelming first single.

  3. Disappointing. Last Urban single I liked was 3 years ago, “I’m in”, written 15 year ago by Georgia Middleman and Radney Foster. Last good album – “Be Here” released in ’04.

  4. You said that “It’s hard to tell where exactly the writers intended to go with it.” I think they just intended to go to the top of the charts. Just checked the media base ACC top 40 and it jumped from #39 last week to #24 for the week beginning 6/3. I check the charts to see how well all the songs I don’t like are doing. One of the few songs I like, Maggie Rose’s “Better”, dropped from 35 to 37 so it will probably drop off next week.

  5. I read that he had another song picked out to lead off with until this one came along! Sure would like to know what that song sounded like. Didn’t like this song when I first heard it, but it’s growing on me some. Just hope the rest of the album is not like this.

  6. Too much Jake Owen in my Keith Urban with this tune. And it’s weird hearing someone with admitted substance abuse problems talk about pouring something strong in their drink. Did anyone else raise an eyebrow to that line or was it just me?

  7. Yes, you can’t miss it…however, in the song he’s wishing he could do these things and that it would be alright. It’s like someone on a strict diet or a diabetic wishing they could have a large piece of chocolate cake. Who doesn’t wish for a little bit of everything?? This song is just a fun loving song. Like Keith said he was changing up this album. That being said, I do hope there are some deeper songs on the album.

  8. I can’t get past the awful production to even consider the lyrics. I know Urban respects and knows his country music, so this road that he’s taken is baffling to me. He used to be one of my favorites.

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