Single Review: Jake Owen, “Days of Gold”

Jake Owen Days of GoldIt sounds like even Jake Owen got bored singing songs about girls and trucks and summer days and nights.

How else to explain the rapid fire delivery and fierce banjo and guitar on “Days of Gold”, which has him spitting out every country summer song cliché as quickly as he can get them out of his mouth?

Truth is, if the exact same lyric was delivered in the typical, mid-tempo, paint by numbers presentation, I’d be ripping it to shreds right now.  But the sheer adrenaline of the track makes it work.   It would be a terrible cocktail to sip on, but as a quick shooter, it’s pretty good.

Written by Jaren Johnston and Neil Mason

Grade: B

Listen: Days of Gold



  1. Great review, Kevin!

    I don’t dislike this. In fact, there are a couple of points I want to make that make this relatively refreshing.

    Firstly, the lyrics of “Days of Gold” are VERY effective at painting its words. This track is replete with imagery you usually don’t hear in your run-of-the-mill laundry list summer jam…….including a sun shining like Daddy’s silver dollar, fire engine red lipstick and spitting the seeds from a watermelon wedge.

    In retrospect, looking back at how I tore apart Florida-Georgia Line’s “Get Your Shine On”………..while my feelings about the song remain mostly justified in that, on paper, they are a string of non-sequiturs that don’t even blend well sensibly…………..I nonetheless underplayed how vivid and colorful the imagery the song conjures truly is, and how it goes a long way to being a saving grace of sorts.

    I feel much the same way about “Days of Gold” as I do now with “Get Your Shine On”. Except “Days of Gold” never even sounding objectionable from the onset in the first place, so it only sounds better to my ears.

    Yes, the production suffers from “loudness wars” and is rather cluttered, but it still doesn’t diminish the carefree, rollicking vibe this song aims to produce. All in all, one of Moi’s better efforts at the production chair.

    Yeah, I agree I’d give this a B.

  2. Pretty much a fun song to jam to in your dorm room. (First hand experience)

    I will say this: It is a much better song to hear before college football games go to commercial on ESPN instead of Luke Bryan’s monstrosity.

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