Single Review: Nickel Creek, “Destination”

Nickel Creek DestinationUnless the Dixie Chicks suddenly decide to put out some new music, Nickel Creek just nailed down the title for most exciting reunion of the year.  In February.

The progressive bluegrass sound that Nickel Creek pioneered more than a decade ago has surfaced all over mainstream music in recent years, with everyone from Mumford & Sons to the Civil Wars walking through the doors they flew open with their innovative musicianship.   So the coolest thing about “Destination” is that they’re not picking up where they left off.  Rather, this is what one could imagine Nickel Creek doing once everybody else caught up to what they used to be doing: moving on, and pushing forward with fresh new sounds.

“Destination” is the most alive record I’ve heard so far this year. There’s a rush of energy that was always present in their live act, as opposed to their more measured sound on record.   Enjoy it now.  You’re going to be sick of hearing records that sound like this by artists not quite as good for the next few years, where the songwriting won’t be as sharp, the harmonies won’t be as haunting, and the mandolin won’t be as proudly prominent.

The real thing is back.  Accept no substitutes.

Grade: A




  1. Kick-ass review. If Nickel Creek do end up being remembered as progressive folk/bluegrass pioneers, I’ll be a happy guy.

    Fantastic song, too. I would’ve liked just a tad more production, since the recording is so spare that it sounds a little bootleggish. But it’s a sexy bootleg. Bonus: that galloping rhythm is reminiscent of Sara’s awesome cover of “I’m a Memory” from her most recent solo album.

  2. I actually love the crisp production. I love the separation of sound and I particularly love the little jam before the bridge. I also love that Sara gets to sing lead on their first single for this album. I hated that Nickel Creek disbanded, but Sara’s growth during their break makes it almost worth it for me.

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