Single Review: Keith Urban, “Somewhere in My Car”

Keith Urban Somewhere in My Car“Somewhere in My Car”

Keith Urban

Written by J.T. Harding and Keith Urban

First off, let’s give Keith Urban a tremendous amount of credit for his sleight of hand song craft here.

The core of “Somewhere in My Car” is another one of those “drive out late night with a girl and get a little crazy” numbers that we’ve heard a million times before.   But Urban uses a clever framing device, with the protagonist being a lonely man who doesn’t want to go home, because all that’s waiting for him are the memories of when he and she were…cue “drive out late night with a girl and get a little crazy” chorus.

There’s a lot here to like, especially the contrast between the jaunty, driving rhythms and the melancholy feelings of loss.  Urban’s still better at crafting a pop-flavored sound than any of his peers, thanks in no small part to his guitar prowess.   Put it all together, and “Somewhere in My Car” is an interesting record that stands out from the pack.

But for my money, the song is at its most interesting when exploring the feelings created by the memory, rather than recounting the memory itself.  He can rock with the best of them, but it’s his mournful side that keeps him tethered to country.   More of that, please.

Grade: B



  1. I pick my 14 yr old granddaughter up at school everyday and when this song comes on, we turn the radio up and sing our hearts out. We both love this song. She says this is her favorite Keith song.

  2. There is no denying that Keith is a super talented musician but this song, as is the case with much of Keith’s material, does absolutely nothing for me. I’d give this one a C maybe a C- if i was being particularly harsh.

  3. …catchy like hell in all departments with a little banjo to root it safely in almost country territory and a few snazy guitar licks to make it real urban. not only biscuits turn out best when using tried and tested recipes.

  4. Cop Car
    My Car

    What is next for Urban? Parent’s Car? He already covered his Uncle’s Car in “Sweet Thing”.

  5. CountryKnight…..would you have liked it better if he had sang…..Somewhere on the tailgate of my big truck??? Or fell in love in the back of a Cop’s Crusier?? Like Taylor always says…..haters gonna hate!

  6. Gloria,

    First off, I wasn’t hating on the song. I was commenting on the frequency of cars in Urban’s work. It is a common trope for singers which I’m fine with. Eric Church does the same lyrical trope with his mention of trains.

    Speaking of Eric Church. He sang haters gonna hate before a faux country/pop star named Taylor Swift co-op the phrase.

    I will give you some advice. Don’t take comments so seriously and you will avoid the inevitable, smarting rebuttal.

  7. WOW country knight….I wasn’t being serious…..I was following your lead and was just making a joke. Furthermore, I can’t stand Taylor Swift and was just teasing. Excuse me for PUO. Maybe you should follow your own advice and chill!!

  8. Hey, now. Speak Now is a great album. It’s exactly what pop-country should be.

    I’m not a fan of Red or either of her two new singles, but it’s quite possible to enjoy both Eric Church (whose last album was also quite shoddy) and Swift.

    She’s not Lady Antebellum or Florida Georgia Line.

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