Single Review: Rodney Atkins, “Eat Sleep Love You Repeat”

Rodney Atkins Eat Sleep Love You Repeat

“Eat Sleep Love You Repeat”

Rodney Atkins

Written by Ryan Bizarri and Walker Hayes

I don’t think anybody does “Aw, Shucks” country better than Rodney Atkins.

Whether that’s a compliment or an indictment depends on your level of appreciation for simple-minded sincerity.   Personally, I find it endearing when it’s done reasonably well.

“Eat Sleep Love You Repeat” is the daily “To Do” list for a man who works hard and loves his woman.  It’s not deep, but it’s heartfelt, and it’s always a relief to hear a man who sees his partner as the object of his affection, not just the object of his desire, or, worse, just as an object.

It’s also nice to hear the genre get some respect, too, with a twangy vocal and a production that is satisfied with just the first half of hick-hop.  In a perfect world, this would be the radio filler that was played around the truly awesome hits.   Today, it would be a welcome respite from the worst of mainstream country’s considerable excesses and a reason not to turn the radio off as soon as Miranda Lambert’s song was over.

Grade: B


  1. I haven’t heard this yet, but always welcome any song by Atkins. He remains one of the few artists who attempts to sing to someone over the age of 19 and who actually still sounds country.

  2. …the next “he stopped loving her today” it ain’t. however, in a time when dumb & dumber 2 hits the screens, virtually everything seems possible.

  3. Pure Country tune — should be widley played on radio …. Is it number one in a week? – likley not… is it a lasting happy tune – definatley….

  4. Really great to hear country again. Rodney Atkins knocks this one out of the park while so many artist are failing the “country” sound, this one is right on!

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