Album Review: Jon Pardi, Write You a Song

Jon Pardi
Write You a Song


A surprisingly entertaining debut effort, Jon Pardi’s relentless enthusiasm infuses even mediocre material with enough energy to make it listenable. Of course, that’s the advantage of a debut album. Even if the material isn’t fresh, the artist is.

So the real promise for Pardi’s future is his ability to write and record songs that are a cut above the average radio fare of the day. He does this on the best tracks of Write You a Song, most significantly on the title track, where a traveling musician leaves behind a one night stand in every town, but basically says, “Hey! When you hear that song of mine on the radio, I wrote it about you!”

It’s funny, it’s clever, and it’s got more truth to it than an hour of those radio ditties about girls with their pretty bare feet up on the dashboard. He does vulnerable well, too, and while he may be partying like those other guys, it’s often because he’s nursing a broken heart. When he pairs that spirit with enough twang to make Old Crow Medicine Show blush, like he does on “Love You From Here”, the result is magical.

Pardi’s still a kid and the general lack of maturity isn’t working against him yet. But if he can keep telling his story as vividly and creatively as he does on the best of Write You a Song, he’s a talent worth watching.

Recommended Tracks: “Write You a Song”, “Love You From Here”, “When I’ve Been Drinkin'”


  1. I love the album a lot Jon Pardi is one of the few breaths of fresh air in country music these days him Eric Paslay Maddie & Tae and Frankie Ballard are the only new artists I like and if they break out Mickey Guyton and Kelsea Ballerini to a point Lucy Hale
    Hey can one of you guys please review Glorianas new song Trouble it really shows a lot of musical depth for them minus the lyrics but it’s still awesome I’ll say this 2015 should be the most interesting year yet in country music

  2. I’m so glad you went back to review this album! Thank you!

    I’ve really enjoyed this album and will go as far as to say that this was my favorite mainstream country album of last year. I keep hoping he’ll score a big hit but he hasn’t yet. “Love You From Here” and “Happens All the Time” are two of my favorites from this album. I hope opening for Alan Jackson this year will help him build his fan base.

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