Single Review: Kenny Chesney with Grace Potter, “Wild Child”

Kenny Chesney with Grace Potter Wild Child

“Wild Child”
Kenny Chesney with Grace Potter

Written by Kenny Chesney, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne

No, it isn’t as strong as “You and Tequila.” Let’s get that out of the way right now, because expecting that lightning to strike twice will make it easy to miss the subtle beauty of “Wild Child”, Chesney’s new collaboration with Grace Potter.

Potter’s harmonies provide the perfect lift to Chesney’s understated and grounded vocal performance, allowing for the two singers to mirror the two characters of the song: a free-spirited woman who follows the wind and the man who is along for the ride.

It’s one of those songs that you’d expect to stay an album cut favorite of an artist’s dedicated fan base, so it’s cool that it’s getting a shot at a wider audience by being a single. Chesney seems to have settled into a new phase of his career, one that acknowledge his incredible success but not longer feels obligated to chase after past glories.

For those of us on board with him since the Capricorn days, he’s bookending that youthful earnestness with the subdued wisdom of an older man.   Good move.

Grade: B+


  1. Yeah a B+. Not quite You & Tequila but still great. I always appreciate the fact that Kenny has Grace collaborate with him. The song has a nice production lovely harmonies and really sweet lyrics to me paints a really nice image. This song though was hyped to death and I can’t give it into the A range but still a lovely song nonetheless.

  2. While not quite as good as “You and Tequila”, I do feel it comes close to hiring that mark. It was marketed as an anti-bro song, and while it’s certainly not that, it is a wonderful song, and one of the best Chesney has recorded to date IMO. Chesney is so much better when he’s not backed up by bland arena rock.

    Solid A- / A for me. (I’ll also add, I think Kenny and Potter have solid chemistry)

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