Single Review: David Fanning, “Doin’ Country Right”

David Fanning Doin' Country Right

“Doin’ Country Right”
David Fanning

Written by Heather Morgan, Josh Osborne, and Jimmy Robbins

Seems safe to bet that the irony of this single’s title is lost on everyone involved in inflicting it upon a genre that keeps finding ever-more horrifying ways to embarrass itself.

Grade: F


  1. Pure genuine Grade A garbage honestly who’s dumb enough to like this crap I’m not even gonna properly Grade it it’s not worth my time.

  2. Not much I can say in addition to this.

    I saw the following quote and had to Google it to see where it came from, and apparently the dude was proud enough of this that he allowed it to be put on his website:

    “I didn’t have a favorite country CD that I listened to all day long. I was listening to country radio.”

    In the words of the late Southern comedian Lewis Grizzard,

    “Damn, brother. Don’t believe I’da told that.”

  3. It almost feels to me like the mere use of the word “country” in such a boastful manner in the title of a country song should raise a lot of red flags about its quality (or lack thereof). It almost seems to say that the people involved know all of the conventional tropes of country music, but none of the reality that the best of country music has historically been about.

  4. I’m confused by who this guy is.

    To my knowledge, he is part of the New Voice Entertainment production team, who produced Parmalee’s album. I believe all member of NVE are in Jason Aldean’s backing band.

    His first single was a cover of a Justin Timberlake song and it went nowhere. This song also appears to be going nowhere.

    Even though he’s signed to Broken Bow, I don’t think he’ll ever have a hit. He can’t tour to support his music since he has to tour with Aldean.

    So yes, this song is terrible, but I don’t care because I’ll bet a lot of money it doesn’t make the Top 40.

  5. Dude can’t even button his shirt all the way and we trust him with something as important as selecting music for his next album . . .

  6. What you really should have duh-duh-duh-duh-done for re-e-e-e-view was po-o-o-o-ost it all exactly like thi-i-i-i-is. Either way though, it still deserves an eh-eh-eh-eh-F!

  7. @ Motown Mike,

    I considered something like that (I was thinking just, “Gar-ar-ar-ar-arbage,” as a one-word review), but I didn’t want to give the impression of even passively endorsing any aspect of how this song was written…

  8. Even I, a famed contrarian on here, cannot find a single point on which to defend this song.

    Wait, I found one. He sounds genuine and engaged. F+

  9. I showed this to my husband and he said that he’d be processing the epic atrociousness of it for the rest of the evening. The chorus sounds like an awful jingle for blue jeans.

  10. Quote by Leeann Ward:

    The chorus sounds like an awful jingle for blue jeans.

    Or an insult to blue jeans, which is more like it (IMHO).

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