1. 1. Favorite Songs Involving Death/Murder (not sure if this has been used yet)

    2. Daily 5: Alabama songs/singles (not creative, but I’m a fan of the group’s music)

    3. Favorite Reflective Coming of Age Songs ( Ala “Maybe it Was Memphis”)

    4. Favorite “Famous Singles That Should Have Been Bigger Hits” (Meaning the single did not hit the top ten, but is extremely highly regarded, and in some cases, still performed by the artist in concert. Unfortunately, a good example of this will probably be Eric Pasley’s “She Don’t Love You” in 5 years.)

    5. Favorite “Forgotten Hits’ (Songs that were successful for a given artist, but that you completely forgot existed until hearing them recently.)

    So, there you go. If you’re ever in a pinch for ideas…and any of these look interesting to you…go for it…lol.

  2. My choices:

    1. “Place” Songs
    2. “Truck-Driving” Songs (not only 4-wheel drive, but 18 as well)
    3. “Train” Songs
    4. “Prison Songs”
    5. “Gettin’ Drunk” Songs (preferably not of the bro-country variety)

  3. 1. Favourite Concerts You’ve Attended
    2. Favourite One Hit Wonders
    3. Favourite Guilty Pleasures
    4. Favourite Songs/ Albums by a Canadian
    5. Favourite ‘got dropped too soon’ Artist

  4. 1. Favourite songs that are title tracks to albums (eg. Chris Stapleton’s Traveller).
    2. Favourite songs that always make you smile.
    3. Favourite songs you prefer as live recordings over the album version.
    4. Favourite music videos for songs you would not otherwise like.
    5. And I second Erik’s favourite train songs suggestion.

  5. 1. Break-up songs other than those where it’s evident from the lyrics that the split is a result of cheating. Sometimes a break-up is nobody’s fault, although one party may take it a lot harder than the other. Some saw the end coming while others had no clue. Example: Dixie Chicks “Let ‘Er Rip”
    2. Songs with “Gone” in the title.
    3. Sappy songs – I admit that I like a lot of them.
    4. Pop or rock artists from the 50’s to the 80’s who you think would have been country artists if their career began in the 90’s or later.
    5. soldier songs but please none of the jingoistic type.

  6. 1. Momentum-Killing Singles / Albums
    2. Favorite Debut Singles
    3. Favorite Songs about Spirituality
    4. Non-Country Songs you’d want Carrie Underwood to Cover

  7. 1. Favorite concerts (either live or televised)
    2. Least Favorite songs by a favorite artist (what’s the most embarrassing moment by an artist you love?)
    3. Favorite award show moments (performances, speeches, etc)
    4. Five most essential albums in your collection / five you should own and have to add
    5. Favorite music videos

  8. @ Eric North, you didn’t say anything about mama, you didn’t write the perfect country and western post.

    1. Favorite underrated artists
    2. Favorite roll the windows down and turn it up loud songs
    3. Favorite songs about nature/earth
    4. Favorite Johnny Cash
    5. Favorite songs of artists who died too soon (Keith Whitley, Tammy Wynette, Gram Parsons, Mindy McCready, etc.)

  9. The five most embarrassing albums you own would be a good top five as well. What country albums are you ashamed to admit you bought? Were you ever caught up in the moment when making musical choices you wouldn’t make now that you’re more informed?

  10. 1. Songs that mention roller coasters
    2. Songs about/taking place in winter (Not Christmas songs)
    3. Disney country songs
    4. Favorite songs that should have been singles
    5. Current pop singles that are more “country” than country radio

  11. 1. Songs that have a cuss word
    2. Favorite Female Simgers
    3. Favorite Male Singers
    4. Favorite Duos
    5. Favorite Groups

  12. 1. Top 5 Western songs (male singer)
    2. Top 5 Western songs (female singer)
    3. Top 5 Bluegrass Crossover tunes (country radio airplay)
    4. Top 5 Country Jams (more than 5:30 long)
    5. Top 5 Spoken songs not made by CW McCall

  13. 1. Favorite songs/albums by artists that “went country.”

    2. Favorite hook.

    3. Favorite songs that sound totally dated nowadays.

    4. Favorite # 1s of a certain era.

    5. Favorite pre-fame albums/singles.

  14. Quote by Motown Mike:

    @ Eric North, you didn’t say anything about mama, you didn’t write the perfect country and western post.

    Well, I’d figure that somebody would get around to Mama sooner or later. I just thought putting “place” songs in there would be a good way to start for me.

  15. 1. Top 5 least favorite singles by your favorite artist
    2. Top 5 favorite ‘story’ songs
    3. Top 5 favorite Christmas songs covered by your favorite country artists
    4. Top 5 songs by same-sex duos (i.e. two women or two men vs a man and woman singing the song)
    5. Top 5 favorite albums that were unique/different style than usual for the artist

  16. 1. Top 5 good songs from artists you hate
    2. Top 5 songs that made you cry
    3. Top 5 songs with a surprising twist at the end you never saw coming
    4. Top 5 favorite songs from your favorite album
    5. Top 5 first country albums you loved

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