Single Review: Jake Owen, “Real Life”

Jake Owen Real Life

“Real Life”
Jake Owen

Written by Ross Copperman, Ashley Gorley, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne

Everclear is one of the few pop bands that I liked in the late 90s/early 2000s. While a lot of their music sounded similar, their grooves were addictive and their tunes were memorable (“A.M. Radio”, Anyone?).

As a result of enjoying Everclear, I’ll admit that I actually guiltily enjoy Jake Owen’s “Real Life.”

The only problem is that since “Real Life” sounds like it’s straight off of an Everclear album, I like the song on that level. I like it as a frivolous piece of pure pop ear candy. But “Real Life” is supposed to be a country song.

I refuse to accept it, therefore, grade an enjoyable pop song on a curve, as a valid country song!

Grade: D


  1. Never heard of Everclear until about 10 days ago.
    This is a disappointment after “What We Ain’t Got”. But I can’t say I’ve ever been a Jake Owen fan.

  2. This is “F” for me. Mostly because the song’s lyrics and production are terrible, but also because Jake Owen went on numerous radio interviews about how he wanted to start cutting “deeper, more meaningful” songs and subject matter. He looked like he might be putting his money where his mouth was with “What We Ain’t Got”, but then to follow up with this? Sorry, this is terrible. Hell, this makes “Beachin” sound good.

    Jake Owen has a hell of a voice and he seems much smarter than the current group of “Bros” inhabiting Country music, guys like Tyler Farr, Brantley Gilbert, FGL, etc. that sound like they failed the 6th grade numerous times….so it stings even more when someone like Owen cuts such a crappy song.

  3. Good Lord…that is just plain awful. First time hearing it.
    Speaking of BEACHIN……I hate that song and my radio station plays it over and over. Makes me want to throw the radio out the window when it comes on.

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